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The formerly DA coalition-run Eastern Cape town of Nelson Mandela Bay was starting to look very different to the neglected and dilapidated ANC-run Eastern Cape towns of Makhanda and Queenstown.

The work we were doing in NMB, and in the rest of the province where we have managed to form in-roads, demonstrates to residents, as well as the rest of the South Africa, what can be achieved through good governance.

  • In Nelson Mandela Bay, over 14 000 water leaks were repaired, more than 20 000 potholes were filled and over 15 000 street-lights were switched back on.
  • 1700 title deeds were handed over to new homeowners, rezoning was approved (representing millions in investment) and 393 homes were built (with more planned to come.)
  • 8 000 billing queries out of a backlog of 13 500 were resolved and an impressive R1.17 billion of accumulated bad debt was cleared!
  • The town of Kouga is still DA-led, and in this municipality we have taken proactive measures against the potential ‘Day Zero’ water crisis, with more than R200 million spent on drought mitigation water augmentation already.
  • Further to that, Kouga has established 38 viable boreholes with R12.5 million secured to develop and equip even more.

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We can bring the DA difference to the whole of the Eastern Cape if we unite. 

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