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The reason that Midvaal Municipality is the best-run municipality in Gauteng is that it has been led by a DA government for over 20 years now! 

Help us bring this kind of service delivery to the whole province, and indeed the whole country!

  • Evidencing honest leadership and spending, Midvaal Municipality is, in fact, one of the top two municipalities nationwide for municipal audit outcomes – having received consistent clean audits for many years.
  • Due to good governance, Midvaal’s unemployment rate is less than half the national average.
  • Over 3000 housing opportunities are being created in Midvaal over the next few years to provide poor residents with quality homes, while the Kgatelopele Youth Programme is giving 250 young entrepreneurs skills to build businesses and access to 100 hectares of land for farming.

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DA-run areas in Gauteng set the bar very high. It is time we bring this DA difference to the whole province!

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