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In addition to successfully putting together coalitions, and winning outright in uMngeni, Midvaal and Kouga (among others), the DA made a clean sweep of the mayoral positions in the Gauteng metros of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane.

This was an unexpected result. We did not ask to lead these governments and we did not solicit the support of the EFF. There was no deal or quid pro quo. It is clear that the EFF did not vote with the DA, so much as against the ANC. They extracted no concessions from us, and they will get no concessions from us, so these governments may not last long.

We got here by sticking to our principles and we will proceed according to our principles, whether we govern for five days or five years.

While we are in government, we are going to get stuck in cancelling corrupt contracts and running strongly pro-poor governments. Mindful that we will be governing under tough conditions, with hostile administrations and massive infrastructure backlogs.

Where we govern in outright or in stable coalitions, we fully intend to work tirelessly to turn these places into shining examples of good governance.

Please help us to build and expand the DA, so that we can take full advantage of the collapse of the ANC and build the South African future we all want.

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Join our fight to abolish ANC corruption and waste   

In a famous victory against the ANC, the DA has won our battle to force President Cyril Ramaphosa to withdraw amendments he secretly made to the Ministerial Handbook giving unlimited free water and lights to Ministers at taxpayer’s expense.

We will continue to wage war on the ANC’s corruption and waste.

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Join our fight to abolish cadre deployment corruption in the ANC

Two court dates that have now officially been secured. One will take place on the 5th October 2022 – it will be heard at the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg. The other one is set for the 23rd/24th of January next year – which will be heard in the High Court in Pretoria.

We cannot allow this corrupt practice to go unchallenged.

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SAPS under National Government is broken

We cannot throw our hands up, sit back and say this is National Government’s problem. The City of Cape Town and the Western Cape government has had to step up and do what needs to be done to keep the communities in our province safe.

Help us bring our safety strategy to more parts of SA.

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The DA welcomes the court’s decision to enforce the payment of R9 985 540 plus interest calculated from 31 October 2019 by corrupt former CEO of Eskom, Brian Molefe, to the power utility’s pension fund.

This represents a victory against rampant corruption in Eskom and other SOEs, which the DA has championed from the outset.

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May this herald a continuation of processes that will bring the architects of state capture corruption to book – an endeavour which the DA will continue to champion in the wake of the damning report by the Zondo commission.

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Help the DA to keep the lights on

In government:

  • The DA-led City of Cape Town has been building reserves to help reduce the impact of higher stages of rolling blackouts (shielding residents from one stage of load shedding during the first few months of this year.)
  • DA-led municipalities, such as Stellenbosch and Saldanha Bay, are working to be free from Eskom’s monopoly and have begun the process of procuring electricity from independent power producers.
  • In seeking solutions to the energy crisis, DA Johannesburg Mayor, Dr Mpho Phalatse, has hosted an Energy Indaba so that Joburg can work on becoming less reliant on Eskom.
  • DA Ekurhuleni Mayor, Tania Campbell, has also been working to free Ekurhuleni from rolling blackouts. Her team has contracted 46 private producers to generate additional renewable energy for the city.

In Parliament we have been:

  • Calling for a national state of emergency to be declared in the electricity sector.
  • Pushing government to allow for the emergency procurement of new electricity generation from independent power producers, without all the red tape.
  • Pushing the national energy regulator to make it easier for home users and small businesses to install their own electricity generation capacity, with incentives (such as tax rebates).

If our country and our economy are to survive the worsening electricity crisis, we must work together and act now. 

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Help fund court action against ANC cadre deployment corruption

This court action seeks to undo and correct what is the single most damaging ANC crime against the people of South Africa.

Never before has one party taken the internal policy of another party to court but, in this case, we are doing so because the ANC policy of cadre deployment corruption has made its way from the corridors of ANC headquarters into government itself.

Cadre deployment corruption is the ANC’s policy of parachuting devoted ANC friends into jobs in the public service – be it as a municipal official or as a high-ranking Eskom employee – with a very comfortable salary.

These “cadres” are chosen by a cadre deployment committee at ANC headquarters. They are not the best qualified, they did not come through interviews best, nor are they the best fit for these roles, but because they are devoted to the ANC, they get the job and can then do ANC work on the side.

Please consider helping us fund crucial court action to stop this.

We must stop the ANC from implementing their policy of cadre deployment corruption in government and wreaking havoc with the public service, by having it declared unconstitutional and illegal.

Only by replacing cadre deployment with professional, merit-based appointments will we be able to replace South Africa’s failing, politically captured state institutions with capable, independent, professional institutions able to deliver quality services to all. It is a war well worth fighting and one we must win.

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Support the DA’s efforts to protect you from the snowballing cost of living

We are working hard to protect those who are struggling.

  • Parliament agreed to urgently debate our demand for the ANC government to slash fuel prices, by cutting the exorbitant 33% tax on fuel, on Wednesday, 15 June.
  • We are drafting a proposal for a new law that will deregulate the fuel sector to encourage competition among fuel wholesalers and retailers.
  • We have launched historic and unprecedented legal action against the ANC itself, to have their long-standing policy of cadre deployment corruption declared unconstitutional and illegal. The era of giving jobs to ANC friends and not all South Africans must end now.

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Show your support for the DA’s work to keep the lights on

Residents of the Mother City often experience one full load shedding level lower than the rest of the country with the help of the City of Cape Town’s Steenbras Hydro-electric Power Scheme.

And beyond Cape Town, DA municipalities, such as Stellenbosch and Saldanha Bay, are working to be free from Eskom’s monopoly, having begun the process to get power from Independent Power Producers.

In fact, the DA-led Western Cape is set to be the first load shedding-free province in the country!

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Back the DA’s efforts to create safer communities

The 1 100 additional boots on the ground from the DA-led Cape Town and Western Cape governments pick up some of the slack from the SAPS and collaborate to improve safety.

Significant murder rate decreases were recorded in Kraaifontein at 40.5%, Nyanga 24.1%, Khayelitsha at 21.1%, and Harare at 14.5%, which are all in the Top 30 stations nationally for this category.

In Parliament we have tabled a motion of no confidence in Bheki Cele, a police minister who completely neglected his duty during and after the riots in July 2021 and is at the helm of a DNA evidence backlog that still exceeds 200 000 cases.

South Africans deserve far better.

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