Maak ’n skenking vir ons pogings om Afrikaans as inheemse taal te laat erken

Die DA sal nie ophou baklei:

  • dat Afrikaans as inheemse taal in die taalbeleidraamwerk vir Hoër Onderwys erken word,
  • dat Minister Nzimande die Afrikaanssprekende gemeenskap om verskoning vra, en
  • dat Afrikaanse onderrig in universiteite uitgebrei en nie ingeperk word nie.

Wys asseblief u ondersteuning deur ’n skenking te maak vir ons pogings om hierdie kwessie te versterk.

Donate towards our efforts for Afrikaans to be recognised as an indigenous language

The DA will not relent in our struggle for Afrikaans:

  • to be recognised as an indigenous language in the language policy framework for Higher Education,
  • for Minister Nzimande to apologise to the Afrikaans-speaking community, and
  • for Afrikaans instruction to be expanded in universities, and not restricted.

Please show your support by making a donation towards our efforts to amplify this issue.

You can help RSA today and tomorrow

Following ANC factional battles that broke out in violence and looting in large parts of South Africa after Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment, the DA remains committed to rebuilding South Africa.

  • Having been on the ground in KZN, the DA offered the national government a plan for addressing this crisis, which included trebling the number of soldiers and opening crucial trade routes.
  • The DA filed incitement charges against the Zuma siblings and Julius Malema, who spurred on the violence and looting over social media.
  • DA public representatives are currently involved in clean-up efforts to help people get back on their feet.
  • Thanks to excellent planning and co-ordination between neighbourhood watches, metro police, the SAPS etc., the DA-run Western Cape has avoided the looting and violence seen in other parts of SA.

Will you stand with us and donate towards our efforts?

We cannot just address the symptoms of deep inequality and horrific unemployment levels.

Looting and violence such as this will happen again if South Africa does not get the deep, fundamental economic reforms that the national government has shown very little interest in implementing.

We need your support to address this crisis, and to ensure that it never happens again.

Please donate.

Help us fight expropriation without compensation by making a donation towards necessary court action

Expropriation without compensation is the greatest threat to our nation since 1994, and the ANC and EFF have turned up the heat.

In a meeting on 31 May, long after forums for public comment had closed, the ANC proposed including the concept of State custodianship of land into the mix for the first time.

This effectively means that South Africa’s government, which often operates as a criminal syndicate for the ANC, would seek to nationalise land, and could repossess property at any time, increasingly by-passing the courts.

This move is not only undemocratic, it will destroy our economy and plunge millions more into abject poverty.

The DA believes that the only way to truly empower all South Africans is to ensure that as many people as possible own their own properties. The ANC/EFF on the other hand, is working to dispossess people of their properties and put it under the control of the State.

This is a short-cut to Zimbabwe and Venezuela, and the road to hunger and poverty for millions more South Africans.

Please help us fight expropriation without compensation by making a donation towards necessary court action.

Help us fight the Gun Bill in court

Over 110 000 people joined us in formally objecting to the Gun Bill.

Now, we are preparing to take any necessary court action to stop this irrational bill in its tracks.

Please help us fund any necessary court action.

The last few weeks have been nothing short of anarchic, and the right to own a gun for self-defence has been the last line of defence for hundreds of thousands of South Africans who feared for their lives and watched their businesses being looted and even burnt to the ground.

Please help us take any necessary court action to stop the Gun Bill.

Let us become load-shedding free: Help fund the DA’s election campaign to ensure that you have an innovative DA government running your municipality

The DA-run Western Cape is set to become South Africa’s first load-shedding-free province!

The Provincial Government will spend R48.8 million to help municipalities to generate, procure and sell their own power so that we can beat load-shedding in the Western Cape!

So far, six municipalities have been earmarked to kickstart the process.

Please help fund our election campaign to ensure that you have a DA government running your municipality, that knows how to innovate.


Donate towards court action to protect your right to own property

Now that the window for South Africans to object to the new expropriation-without-compensation law has closed, we must prepare to take court action in case the national government forges ahead with implementing this dangerous new law without listening to all our objections.

We cannot hand a corrupt government this kind of unchecked power. 

This dangerous new law would give government the power to seize all kinds of property, whether it’s a business, home or investment – not just land.

The new expropriation-without-compensation law is extremely dangerous because:

  • It offers government near unlimited powers to simply expropriate personal property – even going so far as to suggest that copyrighted and patented property could be at risk.
  • It has a list of five circumstances where zero compensation could be paid but it allows government to extend this list endlessly.
  • It is weighted in favour of the ANC government, whose reputation for greed precedes them. It is of concern that the government can refuse to allow its land to be expropriated but a private individual cannot.
  • The role of the courts is extremely limited and access to the courts could only be granted after expropriation has already taken place. This provides no protection for private individuals against the state.
  • The definition of public interest is too broad and might also open up the floodgates of land expropriation on spurious grounds.
  • It will clearly and severely impact property rights and cannot be trusted in its present form to a corrupt government.

Please donate towards court action.

Contribute towards DA court action to compel government to release a detailed COVID-19 vaccine plan

While over 130 million people, and counting worldwide have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the South African government has still not even put a clear, workable plan on the table. South Africans deserve to know when and how the COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out. As a last resort, the DA is approaching the courts for relief, but we need your support to fund this court action.

On 18 January, the DA served President Ramaphosa with a legal notice giving him seven days to disclose the full details of South Africa’s vaccine plan, but the President failed to meet the deadline.

The DA is therefore approaching the courts to compel him to disclose all details pertaining to the national government’s vaccine rollout strategy, including the dates and the minutes of meetings with suppliers.

This court action is crucial.

The government has a constitutional duty to be transparent and ensure everyone’s right to access vaccines. South Africa can afford it if its priorities are in order, and the private sector is more than willing to offer more support if given the chance.

Please make a donation towards funding this crucial court action.

Donate towards reliable electricity

We have been working relentlessly to get government to diversify electricity generation so that businesses can have reliable power and keep their doors open. Can you help us keep up the pressure?

  • We are pressuring government into reopening the Renewable Energy Programme aimed at diversifying energy generation.
  • We continue to make solutions readily available to government – suggesting ways to make it easier for businesses that wish to generate power for their own use and incentivising the installation of solar by offering up to R75 000 back from tax, for example.
  • We are calling on government to provide municipalities in good standing, most of which are run by the DA, with the resources they need to lock in direct power purchase agreements with independent power producers so that they can protect their residents from Eskom’s unreliable power supply.

Please help us solve the Eskom crisis by making a donation towards these efforts.

Find the comprehensive timeline of DA activism on Eskom by clicking here.

Intervention is urgently needed at Govan Mbeki licensing office

Licensing offices in the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality is plagued by an array of problems that hamper residents from being able to receive services.

A total lack of resources and staff, adequate infrastructure and allegations of corruption and mismanagement have left licensing offices in Govan Mbeki Local Municipality in a dilapidated state. Residents are often frustrated to wait in queues at the licensing offices for hours on end without the luxury of chairs in waiting-areas, only to be turned away because systems are offline.  Papers are hardly enough and security officials run the organisation and management of license offices. This disgraceful lack of service delivery has left residents with no choice, but to disobey the law by neglecting to renew vehicle’s and driver’s licenses.

Enough is enough!!! Residents are tired of being made criminals by the incapable provincial government.

With this petition, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will engage with the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison to urgently investigate and intervene in the matter of the functionality of the licensing offices in ALL towns of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality.