Make a donation towards our campaign to stop coronavirus emergency aid discrimination

If you can stretch a little further at this difficult time, please invest in our battle to help businesses survive in the long-run.

Every cent counts.

After filing papers in the High Court to urgently prevent the unlawful use of B-BBEE status, race, gender or age as criteria for relief or assistance at this tough time, the DA has approached the potential source of most of the relief funding – the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Your donation will go towards funding this court action and our campaign to get the plight of businesses that are being unfairly discriminated against, because they aren’t B-BBEE compliant for example, heard on a global scale.

The virus does not discriminate, and it is indefensible that the South African government should do so when deciding who is deserving of their help and who is not.

Your donation will help us stop this.

Protect your pension from being used in an Eskom bailout

Eskom is failing and no amount of funding can save this hopeless cause.

It is highly alarming when the president states that “[even] private pension funds, we would like them to also put their money into Eskom.”

We will not stand for this!

We are consulting our lawyers and will do everything in our power to stop this from happening – even if we have to go to the highest court in the land! 

But we need your help.

As a non-profit, we need your help to fund a court case on this scale.

If every pension-paying person you know could make a donation towards building a legal fortress, we would be able to fight this all the way to the Constitutional Court.

Every contribution is another brick in the wall.

Support our campaign to continue making progress in the Western Cape

In his recent annual update, Premier Alan Winde left everyone with the sense that he and his team are running the Western Cape Government like a successful business operation.

Apart from running the biggest provincial safety plan of its kind in the whole country, there is a laser-like focus on growing the economy, and this includes efforts to free residents from Eskom by challenging its monopoly and introducing green energy sources. 

For this progress to continue, we need to keep towns and cities in this province DA.

We are just 40 weeks away from the 2021 election campaign kickoff. If you want to see DA-led progress continue in the Western Cape, please consider making a contribution to our 2021 municipal campaign fund.

With your support, we can invest in getting Premier Winde and the DA’s governance track-record into the hearts and minds of every resident in the province.

Help the DA make your voice heard

The Committee has also restarted the public hearing process, with the first hearings set to begin later this month. 

If you think that you might be able to attend a meeting, please see the schedule here.

If not, we want to ask for your assistance as we work to get as many like-minded citizens to these hearings, to fight for the protection of your individual property rights.

Protect our R1-billion safety plan

The success of this safety plan, the largest of its kind in South Africa’s democratic history, hinges on us consistently having an effective and collaborative relationship with municipalities in the Western Cape, most of which are run by the DA. So, with the 2021 municipal elections coming up, it is vital that we keep these municipalities blue – the long-term safety of our communities relies on it!

Make a contribution to our campaign fund, so that we keep municipalities throughout the Western Cape blue by helping us to keep making progress after the 2021 municipal elections!

A message from John Steenhuisen

“We have an opportunity to rebuild the DA, and I plan to use it.”

Under the leadership of John Steenhuisen, the DA will be a party that has generosity, empathy, and a deep commitment to fighting poverty. We will also fight the belief that only race-based policies can lift South Africans out of poverty.

“There’s no substitution for a growing economy, quality education and quality healthcare to lift people out of poverty” – John Steenhuisen

For South Africa to survive in these trying times, we need a strong DA!

If you stand alongside John Steenhuisen, as he takes the helm of the Official Opposition, then please consider contributing to our campaign to win more municipalities in 2021!

Let’s build a party of action.

Take action. Donate.

A message from John Steenhuisen

“We have an opportunity to rebuild the DA, and I plan to use it.”

Under the leadership of John Steenhuisen, the DA will be a party that is willing to do the hard yards, emboldened to speak up for the rational, evidence-based answers to South Africa’s problems.

If you stand behind this vision, and are not afraid to get behind what is right, I want to ask that you please do consider making a small donation to the DA. – John Steenhuisen

For South Africa to survive in these trying times, we need a strong DA!

Make an investment in a rejuvenated and reunited DA.

Let’s build a party of action.

Take action. Donate.


Whilst written objections to the ANC’s disastrous NHI Scheme have closed, public participation hearings are taking place all over South Africa and we are preparing for possible court action.

If you cannot make it to one of these hearings, please consider making a donation.

Your money will go towards providing transport to those who want to go to a hearing but cannot afford it. And if the ANC pushes the NHI Scheme through Parliament, despite hundreds of thousands of objections from South Africans like yourself, then we will use the money raised to take this fight to the highest court in the land: the Constitutional Court.

If you cannot trust the ANC to keep the lights on, how can you trust them with you and your loved ones’ healthcare?

We must do everything in our power to protect the health and wellbeing of our friends and family.

Please donate. We have a long track record of successful court action, but we cannot wage these battles without your support.

We are scrapping e-tolls

During his medium-term budget speech, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni stated that e-tolls were here to stay, but no less than two days later, Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, and then Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, announced that there had been no final decision on the future of e-tolls.

This tells us one important thing, the Gauteng government is feeling the pressure.

Make a contribution to our campaign fund, as we ramp up to pressure on Premier Makhura to lodge an intergovernmental dispute on e-tolls.

We cannot let up!


The Northern Cape is facing the worst drought in the region for nearly a century, and the R30 million government has availed, is less than 5% of the minimum R612 million needed to alleviate the effects of this horrific five-year drought.

You can help us put even more pressure on the ANC government.

The money is available. The ANC government spends R613 million on VIP protection for Cabinet members every single year.

It’s time for them to get their priorities straight. People’s lives are at stake!

We’ve created a fund that allows you to join hands with us in the campaign to forcegovernment to free up more money for drought-relief.

Every donation is an investment that results in added pressure, and we’ve already seen results!

The future of the Northern Cape is in our hands. Let’s not let this slip through our fingers, like the sand slips through the hands of so many farmers in the Northern Cape.