You deserve better

South Africans are facing the 8th consecutive fuel price increase in 2019. This time as a result of drone attacks in Saudi Arabia.

But you wouldn’t have to foot this bill if the ANC government didn’t sell off 10 million barrels of our strategic fuel reserves!

Once again, for the umpteenth time, we are paying for ANC mismanagement.

Enough is enough. We have the power to stop this.

If you have faith in the future of this country. If you are staying, and want to see South Africa prosper, then consider contributing to that prosperous tomorrow.

Only the DA is big enough, and has enough experience in government to take on the ANC and turn South Africa around. Donate to our 2021 election war chest.


As the period for objections against the National Health Insurance (NHI) comes to a close on 11 October 2019, we have a duty to allow as many South Africans as possible to lodge their objections.

If we are going to stand a chance of stopping the National Health Insurance before it becomes law, we need to make sure that we reach more than just tens of thousands of South Africans, we are going to need hundreds of thousands of objections!

This can be done, and we have already started the process of launching digital ads, producing leaflets and getting activists out onto the streets to talk to you.

However, this is going to be a costly process!

We can do it, but we need your help.

Every R1000 you contribute helps us launch another digital ad, every R90 is 300 more leaflets to be distributed, and every single investment you make motivates more activists to hit the streets to save South African healthcare from collapse.

We cannot allow the NHI to see the light of day. Your donation could be the difference that results in 100 to 10 000 more South Africans having the opportunity to lodge an objection!


The next step in the fight to stop a constitutional amendment allowing for Land Expropriation Without Compensation, is for as many South Africans as possible to attend one of the public hearings being held across the country by Parliament.

If you can’t attend a public hearing yourself, please consider donating to enable us to mobilise as many South Africans as possible to attend.

We have to raise our voices loudly in these important hearings and show government that we will not sit back whilst they assault our fundamental property rights.

bring change

On 8 May 2019, you have a choice between more of the same corruption and criminality from the failing ANC, or change that can unite South Africa, under a DA government.

Help us spread this message to more people across the length and breadth of South Africa.


The 2021 election will be the Energy Election.

It will be the election where you choose a future in the dark, or a future where you have electricity.

Electricity that means you have a job to go to, that gives light to allow your children to do their homework, electricity that powers your electronics, and that cooks your food.

Make sure that your municipality is DA-run after the 2021 Energy Election. Our shared future depends on it!


While others try to divide, we are working to unite and build.

As the DA, we will never abandon the need to build a country that belongs to all who live in it.

United in our diversity, we shall stand and overcome our challenges!


Following the success of our manifesto launch at the Rand Stadium in  Johannesburg, it’s time to take the message of change and hope country-wide!

Sona 2019

President Ramaphosa has shown that under the ANC, the Station of the Nation, was rather a State of No Action.

Whatever his intentions, the President is constrained by the ANC, and is unable to act. He will not be able to stop his party’s intention to expropriate private land, homes and businesses without compensation.

Time is running out to save your right, and the right of your children, to own property without the risk of it being taken away by government.

Make a donation to protect our sacred constitutional rights.

If you stand for individual property rights and a growing economy, then stand with a party that will protect that right!

Registration weekend

This weekend is the FINAL chance to get DA supporters registered to vote. We will be sending millions of text messages, calling millions of voters on the phone and visiting hundreds of thousands of people at the doorstep. Our goal is simple: making sure every last DA supporter is registered to vote.

Can you chip in and help us register voters this weekend?

The ANC is employing apartheid strategies

In a strategy called ‘prescribed assets’, that was used during apartheid, the ANC government wants to use ordinary South Africans’ savings to finance the bankrupt and corrupt SAA and Eskom!

If we do not take action, this will undoubtedly lead to further ratings downgrades and drive away foreign investment, consigning millions more South Africans to poverty and hopelessness.

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