Protect Our Constitution

On 27 February, the ANC and the EFF voted in support of changing the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation! We voted against this motion because we will not support any amendment to the Constitution aimed at taking control of private property.

Whilst we support land reform and rectifying land dispossession in South Africa, current ANC policy – shared by the EFF – is that the state should control all land. With this approach, no one would actually be able to own land as beneficiaries of land reform – all people would be life-long tenants, without their own agency or ambitions!

We need to protect our Constitution and ensure property rights for all.

Where we govern, more than 60% of land reform projects actually work, compared with a 90% failure rate nationally.

Help fund our campaign to stop land expropriation without compensation.

With hard work, real commitment to root out corruption and political will to implement, we can redress land dispossession in our country.

Registration Weekend – Donation

This weekend marks the first registration weekend ahead of the 2019 national elections – an opportunity for us to show that we are united in our diversity!

Still, despite millions of South Africans gaining the right to vote in 1994, many are still unable to vote because they live with a disability or cannot afford to get to their local voting station.

Every year, the DA spends millions and millions transporting voters to voting stations so that they can fulfil their constitutional right to vote on election day.

But first, we need to get South Africans registered.

Please help us ensure that every South African who wants to register, but cannot, is assisted and given transport to their local voting station.

Donate to help us register more South Africans

Every cent will go towards registration weekend.

Invest in a stronger democracy

Together, we are strong enough to defend our democracy and build a better future for all South Africans.

As the official opposition in Parliament, we are South Africa’s watchdog; holding officials to account and seeking to rid South Africa’s government of corruption.

Our DA-led governments in the Western Cape and many of South Africa’s biggest cities and rural villages put the people first. They deliver better and better services through honest leadership that gets things done.

But to fulfil these roles, we rely on considerable donations from people like you.

Donations towards the DA help us pay for fierce legal battles in defense of our constitutional democracy. They also help us contest the hundreds of by-elections that take place in between elections when a councillor resigns or passes away.

Please consider making a donation.

Every cent donated will help us speak out for more South Africans and share our message of change with more communities.

ANC is Dead

The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president will change nothing.

The Deputy President has been part of this corrupt government for the past five years, protecting Zuma at every step. His election simply means the corrupt system that is oppressing us will continue.

We need your help to go into 2018 on the strongest possible footing so we can talk to millions more South Africans than ever before, and make sure 2019 is the end of corrupt ANC rule once and for all.

The stakes have never been higher.  South Africa deserves a new beginning.

That new beginning can only be delivered by a new generation of leaders in the DA.

Donate now.



If we are serious about bringing the ANC under 50% nationally, and winning Gauteng in 2019, we need to move our campaign office to Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Setting up this campaign operation in Johannesburg is essential if we want to win in 2019, but will only be possible with the support of our donors.

With this campaign HQ setup and operational, we will be able to take our message of a New Beginning to millions more voters and be one step closer to a DA-run Gauteng, and a DA-led South Africa.

Save good governance

Our DA-led governments in Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay have uncovered almost R18 billion in ANC corruption. Now the ANC is desperately trying to rip our governments apart. 

We cannot go back to governments where almost every cent went straight into the pockets of the politically connected.

We need your help!

This is only the beginning of what will be an onslaught of continuous attacks on DA-led good governance across the country.

With your help, we can educate voters about what’s really going on and continue to defend our municipalities against the greedy hands of the ANC.

Donate now.

NMBProgress – Donation

We cannot let the EFF get away with their baseless Motion of No Confidence in the Mayor! We cannot go back to corruption!

The DA-led government is making real progress.

  • We have given 12 000 residents access to running water and flush toilets for the first time.
  • We have started the process of removing bucket toilets for good in NMB.
  • We have created 5 000 work opportunities.
  • We have made NMB safer by introducing the first Metro Police Department.
  • We are fighting corruption, ensuring that those implicated in corrupt activities face the full might of the law. Things are being cleaned up in NMB.

These are just a few examples.

Let us keep making progress in Nelson Mandela Bay.


Save Merafong- Donation

Under the leadership of the ANC, Merafong is in crisis. Financial mismanagement, corruption and ineffectiveness threaten the stability of our municipality.

Merafong under the ANC:

  • Has not delivered much-needed services;
  • Is severely behind on ESKOM and Rand Water payments, which could affect our electricity and water supply; and
  • Has done little to curb its 50% water loss due to ailing infrastructure and lack of maintenance.

Support the DA’s #change19 campaign to help take our message of change to every community.

Every single contribution takes us one step closer to unseating the ANC and taking over national government in 2019.


The ANC must go. Zuma must be jailed.

In the Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma on 8 August, the ANC proved once again that they are INCAPABLE OF SELF-CORRECTING. They protected a corrupt president for the eighth time, choosing corruption, looting, and state capture over our shared future.

The ANC is dead. It’s time for a new beginning.

SOUTH AFRICA’S ONLY HOPE IS IN THE DA. Only the DA can bring total change to the corrupt system the ANC has built to enrich themselves.

Invest in our Campaign for Change.


Help us realise a Safer South Africa for all in 2019

Recently, two people were heartlessly murdered on farms near Vryburg. Mr Patrick Itumeng was fatally shot on his farm, Friesland, outside Vryburg; and the body of Mrs Elsa Erasmus was found by her friends after an attacker abducted her on her farm between Amalia and Vryburg.

Crime and violence are out of control, affecting South Africans in farming and rural communities, irrespective of their race. We need change.

Make a donation towards a DA national government that will take action.

We want to implement rural safety units:

  1. At least five rural units of approximately 20 members.
  2. Farm attacks must be classified as priority crimes so that more resources can be allocated to Rural Safety Units.
  3. Rural Safety Units must be permanently deployed to clearly identified crime “hotspots” on a rotating basis.
  4. Units must be trained to carry out undercover operations; road blocks; observation posts; and search and seizure operations, with rapid response capability, to allow for the swift apprehension of suspected criminals.
  5. A toll-free contact number must be made available for people in rural parts of South Africa so that they can report suspicious activity or threats.

The DA is the only political party large enough to unseat the ANC in 2019. Your contribution will bring us one step closer to taking over national government. Addressing crime and violence in South Africa is our priority.

Enough is enough. Invest in a safer South Africa!