This is the story of the people of Gwatyu.

“The biggest issue in this community is the transference of land to the people of Gwatyu. We’ve been battling for so many years so that we can work on it just like the previous farmers used to do.”
– Thembakazi Mageke, Chairperson of the Gwatyu CPA

The 1,600 strong community live on just a tiny portion of the 20 million hectares owned by the Department of Rural Land Reform and Development.

The fact is that the this ANC government has lied to and failed the people of Gwatyu, who remain landless. They continue to be treated as life-long tenants by government. 

Please make a donation to help Gwatyu residents get to public land hearings to tell their story.

If Parliament goes ahead with the ANC’s plans for land expropriation without compensation, all land will be owned by the government.

This clearly is not a working model for meaningful land reform, there can only be justice for communities like Gwatyu through land OWNERSHIP!

The struggle of the people of Gwatyu is our struggle – it’s a struggle for land, and for the right to own and use the land on which they live.


Thanks to your contributions, DA activists have been able to attend land hearings across the country to stand up for ownership, and the protection of our constitution!

Intimidation has been high, as thousands stand have been misled into thinking that the EFF and ANC’s policy of Land Expropriation without Compensation will give them ownership of land.

It will not.

We are gearing up for the second phase of hearings which take place from 17 July to 4 August.

If you cannot get to meetings in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, Gauteng or the Western Cape, please make a small contribution.

With your contribution, more activists like this can attend hearings in the remaining provinces, and we can champion ownership for all!


President Ramaphosa has officially confirmed that the ANC-led government will change the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation.

This means that your private property – your home, business or land – could be taken away from you without payment.

We will fight this with everything we have but we need you to stand with us!

With your contribution, we can help more South Africans understand that land expropriation without compensation means that no South African will ever own the land they live on.

Time is running out to stop this.

President Ramaphosa’s announcement shows that the ANC are serious about changing our Constitution as soon as they can.


This Wednesday, 25 April, we’re contesting four by-elections in Gauteng.

Gauteng by-elections are the best opportunity we have to show South Africans that we are ready to run Gauteng in 2019. Our chance to bring total change.

  • Ward 72 Johannesburg – Lionel Greenberg
  • Ward 88 Johannesburg – David Hensman
  • Ward 92 Johannesburg – Otto Kgeletsane
  • Ward 47 Tshwane – Daryl Johnston

Each of our candidates is working hard, campaigning day and night to showcase the difference the DA can bring, but we are running low on campaign material.

To ensure that we get our message out to enough residents, we need to raise R200,000 before Wednesday 25 April.

Every single donation is another leaflet in a resident’s hand, another poster on a pole. You can bring us a step closer to more DA-run wards, and ultimately a DA-run Gauteng.

You can make the difference.

No to VAT increases

The ANC government’s VAT increase is nothing but an attempt to force South Africans to pay for the years of economic mismanagement.

Over the last decade, they stole billions of South Africans’ money. Now they are trying to make us pay back that money by increasing VAT.

It does not have to be this way!

The DA’s 2018 Congress has resolved to do away with the VAT increase should we be voted into national government in 2019. 

Let’s fight for a DA-led South Africa!

With less than 18 months to go until the 2019 election, we need all the help we can get.

Every single cent brings us a step closer to the toppling the ANC, and taking over national government.

You can help us get there!

Protect Our Constitution

On 27 February, the ANC and the EFF voted in support of changing the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation! We voted against this motion because we will not support any amendment to the Constitution aimed at taking control of private property.

Whilst we support land reform and rectifying land dispossession in South Africa, current ANC policy – shared by the EFF – is that the state should control all land. With this approach, no one would actually be able to own land as beneficiaries of land reform – all people would be life-long tenants, without their own agency or ambitions!

We need to protect our Constitution and ensure property rights for all.

Where we govern, more than 60% of land reform projects actually work, compared with a 90% failure rate nationally.

Help fund our campaign to stop land expropriation without compensation.

With hard work, real commitment to root out corruption and political will to implement, we can redress land dispossession in our country.

Registration Weekend – Donation

This weekend marks the first registration weekend ahead of the 2019 national elections – an opportunity for us to show that we are united in our diversity!

Still, despite millions of South Africans gaining the right to vote in 1994, many are still unable to vote because they live with a disability or cannot afford to get to their local voting station.

Every year, the DA spends millions and millions transporting voters to voting stations so that they can fulfil their constitutional right to vote on election day.

But first, we need to get South Africans registered.

Please help us ensure that every South African who wants to register, but cannot, is assisted and given transport to their local voting station.

Donate to help us register more South Africans

Every cent will go towards registration weekend.

Invest in a stronger democracy

Together, we are strong enough to defend our democracy and build a better future for all South Africans.

As the official opposition in Parliament, we are South Africa’s watchdog; holding officials to account and seeking to rid South Africa’s government of corruption.

Our DA-led governments in the Western Cape and many of South Africa’s biggest cities and rural villages put the people first. They deliver better and better services through honest leadership that gets things done.

But to fulfil these roles, we rely on considerable donations from people like you.

Donations towards the DA help us pay for fierce legal battles in defense of our constitutional democracy. They also help us contest the hundreds of by-elections that take place in between elections when a councillor resigns or passes away.

Please consider making a donation.

Every cent donated will help us speak out for more South Africans and share our message of change with more communities.

ANC is Dead

The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president will change nothing.

The Deputy President has been part of this corrupt government for the past five years, protecting Zuma at every step. His election simply means the corrupt system that is oppressing us will continue.

We need your help to go into 2018 on the strongest possible footing so we can talk to millions more South Africans than ever before, and make sure 2019 is the end of corrupt ANC rule once and for all.

The stakes have never been higher.  South Africa deserves a new beginning.

That new beginning can only be delivered by a new generation of leaders in the DA.

Donate now.



If we are serious about bringing the ANC under 50% nationally, and winning Gauteng in 2019, we need to move our campaign office to Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Setting up this campaign operation in Johannesburg is essential if we want to win in 2019, but will only be possible with the support of our donors.

With this campaign HQ setup and operational, we will be able to take our message of a New Beginning to millions more voters and be one step closer to a DA-run Gauteng, and a DA-led South Africa.