We, the undersigned residents of Lekwa local municipality have gone far too long without basic service delivery from the municipality. The escalating Eskom debt the municipality has is severely affecting the quality of the services that is being delivered.  We are being load shed for hours on end because of exceeding the notified maximum demand from Eskom. Our water that is coming out of our taps is dirty and the roads we drive on is treacherous and endangering our lives.

Given the above, we call on the MEC of CoGTA, Mandla Msibi to follow through with placing the municipality under administration and also:

  1. Increase our Notified Maximum Demand as residents suffer in the winter months. Ensure the municipality sticks to the Eskom repayment as the related load shedding not only affects our daily lives but is damaging our appliances and spoiling our food.
  2. Improve the quality of our water that is coming out of the taps from the treatment plants and fix the potholes in our towns and residences.

Lift the national lockdown, now!

We the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the prospect of between 3 and 7 million job losses in South Africa, as estimated by the National Treasury. Given that places of worship have been re-opened, it makes no sense to keep restaurants, hair salons, gyms, etc, closed. In addition, the motivation by Minister Dlamini-Zuma in her court papers exposes the fact that the tobacco and cigarette ban is not based on scientific evidence. We call on the Government to allow all businesses to open, while adhering to safety measures and to immediately lift the ban on tobacco products.

  1. To urgently lift the prohibition of restaurants, hair salons, gyms etc, from been re-opened.
  2. We call on the ban of tobacco products to be lifted.
  3. Government should allow all businesses to open, while adhering to safety measures and to immediately lift the ban on tobacco products

Lift the ban on recreational fishing for subsistence

The Democratic Alliance (DA) recognises the desperate plight of subsistence fishers who are struggling to survive under the lockdown. The DA urgently calls on the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy:

  1. To urgently lift recreational fishing restrictions allowing for subsistence fishers to feed themselves and their families.
  2. For increased transparency in the allocation of small-scale fishing rights across provinces.
  3. To review existing fishing categories as per the Marine Living Resources Act for inclusion of a subsistence fishing category that addresses the issue of subsistence fishers who have only been able to qualify for recreational fishing permits.

Residents of eThekwini have said NO to high tariff increases for rates and utilities and NO to increases and bonuses for staff

Your DA eThekwini team say NO

Ethekwini municipality has informed the DA that no planned changes are being made to the municipality’s staff salary, incease or bonus structure for the 2020/2021 financial year. This despite the global Covid-19 pandemic hammering the local economy!

Staff costs will increase with 9.5% which is R1,1 billion in the next financial year!

Also thirteenth cheques for staff remain in the budget to the tune of R600 million, which is in addition to a staff increase of 6.25% and performance bonuses.

In the real world, beyond sheltered government employment, people are taking pay cuts and businesses and families are desperately trying to find ways to make ends meet.

Very little relief has been offered by the eThekwini Municipality to those struggling and tariffs are set to again go up by exorbitant amounts.

What can eThekwini residents do?

1) Find your councillor by clicking on this link

2) Contact your councillor and ask them if they have committed to voting in your best interest. Every DA councillor in eThekwini will do so.

3) Fill in your details on the right and tell your councillor how you feel. We will ensure it sent to the correct councillor.

4) Hold the city leadership and councillors accountable by sharing and following updates on this matter!

The law says that the tabling of budgets must be open to the public and the DA have requested information as to how the municipality plans to do this as the meeting is online. If you can, tune in and watch the meeting on the 28th!

End the economic lockdown now, Mr President

The nation-wide economic lockdown we all once supported is now costing more lives than it can hope to save. Last week, DA Leader, John Steenhuisen, wrote to President Ramaphosa urging him to end the nation-wide economic lockdown and, most recently, he announced that the DA would be taking court action.

Please show your support by co-signing DA Leader, John Steenhuisen’s, letter to President Ramaphosa urging him to end the economic lockdown (and the economic crisis it is creating) and allow South Africans to go safely back to work.

Dear President Ramaphosa,

We all want South Africa and her people to succeed, and it is heart-breaking to see so many suffering in these difficult times. So, to save lives and livelihoods, the undersigned South Africans and I urge you to end the economic lockdown now and allow South Africans to go safely back to work.

The economic lockdown is doing more harm than good and will cost more lives than it can possibly save. It is generating long-term poverty which will reduce South Africa’s life-expectancy and destroy millions of lives. National Treasury estimates unemployment will go up by 30-70% – that means adding between three and seven million MORE people to the millions who were already desperate for work before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

South Africa needs to get back to work, but with safety measures in place to slow the spread of the virus. The economic lockdown must end immediately and we must help South Africans go safely back to work with these protocols in place:

  1. Roll out wide-spread, randomised testing to identify where the virus is flaring up – then enforce localised lockdowns to contain it.
  2. Put protocols for mask-wearing, handwashing and screening in place.
  3. Encourage or assist those at high-risk to isolate themselves.
  4. Provide a reasonable set of safety regulations for businesses.

The purpose of the economic lockdown was to delay the virus spreading, not to eliminate the virus. Specifically, the purpose was to buy time to gather healthcare resources and prepare hospitals. It is impossible to eliminate the virus. Even if we lock down for a year, the virus will still be there when we go back to work. A peak in cases is INEVITABLE in the coming months.

The current Level 4 is as bad as Level 5 was, with massive military deployment, civilian abuses, and no specified end date. It is one of the world’s longest and harshest lockdowns. Unlike other governments with long lockdowns, the South African government is not providing the safety net to poor people and small businesses, so millions of people are starving and hundreds of thousands of businesses are going bankrupt.

Mr President, I ask that you trust us all and justify the rules as the decisions made by government have been secretive and irrational, with nothing to do with public safety or coronavirus.

If the government doesn’t end this economic lockdown, people will end it for them. In fact, this is already happening. When rules are irrational, people tend to break them – not because the people are bad, but because the rules are bad. The current lockdown is forcing poor people to choose between going hungry or breaking the law. It is giving them no choice but to break the law.

Mr President, I urge you to face up to the serious situation confronting us: end the nation-wide economic lockdown and allow South Africans to go safely back to work.

You’ll know that we have already instructed our lawyers to challenge the discriminatory use of the coronavirus emergency relief fund. It isn’t right for government to exclude citizens from this relief based on their, or their employer’s, race and other arbitrary criteria.

We also petitioned the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make any funds obtained from them by the South African government conditional on non-racial use, or any other arbitrary criteria.

And most recently, our lawyers filed papers in the High Court challenging the rationality of three separate lockdown-related issues: the night curfew, the ban on e-commerce and the restriction on exercise hours.

Together with the undersigned South Africans, I believe that all three of these decisions should be immediately reversed, as there are no rational justifications for a military-enforced curfew, a restriction on e-commerce business and a limited 3-hour window for exercise.

We also wish to challenge the constitutionality of having the National Command Council take these irrational decisions as they please, without any checks and balances! If we let them get away with this, Mr President, our democracy will find itself on a very slippery slope.

President Ramaphosa, we call on you to listen to our concerns and trust us.

Every single business that can safely open must be allowed to open NOW so that people can get back to work and feed their families. That is the only way we will ensure that, once we have defeated this virus, we have a country left to rebuild.



John Steenhuisen
DA Leader

Petisie om te keer dat IMF Koronavirus-noodlening diskrimineer

Nadat ons hofstukke geliasseer het in die Hooggeregshof om dringend ʼn stokkie te steek voor die gebruik van BBSEB-status, ras, geslag of ouderdom  vir hulpverlening, het ons ook die bron van meeste van die hulpfonds-geld, die Internasionale Monetêre Fonds (IMF) genader.

Aangesien die meerderheid van die geld in die hulpfondse verkry word uit ʼn lening van die IMF, het die DA hierdie internasionale liggaam versoek om die optrede van ons regering te veroordeel en opdrag te gee wat die gebruik van IMF geld op ʼn diskriminerende wyse te verbied.

Nadat ons hofstukke ingedien het in die Hooggeregshof om dringend ʼn stokkie te steek voor die gebruik van BBSEB-status, ras, geslag of ouderdom vir hulpverlening, het ons ook die bron van meeste van die hulpfonds-geld, die Internasionale Monetêre Fonds (IMF) genader.

Aangesien die meerderheid van die geld in die hulpfondse verkry sal word uit ʼn lening van die IMF, het die DA hierdie internasionale liggaam versoek om die optrede van ons regering te veroordeel en instruksies uit te reik wat die gebruik van IMF-geld op ʼn diskriminerende wyse verbied.

Ons sal nie sulke onetiese gedrag duld nie!

Die ANC se besluit om hierdie geld slegs vir hulpverlening aan besighede wat voldoen BBSEB-stadaarde aan te wend, in hierdie tyd van nasionale ekonomiese krisis, is verkeerd. Die virus diskrimineer nie op grond van ras of geslag nie, en dit is onverdedigbaar dat die regering op hierdie wyse diskrimineer wanneer hulle besluite neem oor wie hul hulp verdien of nie verdien nie.

Of ʼn besigheidseienaar swart of wit, manlik of vroulik is, het geen uitwerking op die werkers wat hierdeur geraak word nie!

Besighede wat besit word deur wit eienaars het ook swart werknemers, wat families het om te onderhou. Deur lewensbelangrike staatshulp te weerhou van hierdie besighede word lyding nie net veroorsaak vir die eienaars nie maar ook vir hierdie families, wat sonder hulp sal wees indien die besigheid misluk.

Teken nou hierdie petisie wat ʼn beroep doen op die IMF om op te tree en die Suid-Afrikaanse regering opdrag te gee om NIE IMF-lenings te gebruik op ʼn wyse wat diskrimineer nie.

Ons moet saam staan om soveel lewens sowel as lewensmiddele in hierdie Koronavirus pandemie te red.

Teken die petisie.

Petition to stop coronavirus emergency aid discrimination

Kliek hier om die petisie in Afrikaans te sien/teken

filing papers in the High Court to urgently prevent the unlawful use of B-BBEE status, race, gender or age as criteria for relief or assistance at this tough time, the DA has approached the source of most of the relief funding – the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As the majority of these relief funds are set to come from a loan obtained from the IMF, the DA calls on this international body to condemn this unjust behaviour by the South African government and instruct it to stop using IMF monies in a way that discriminates.

We will not stand for this unethical behaviour!

The ANC government’s choice to use this funding to only support B-BEEE compliant companies, at a time of national economic crisis, is wrong. The virus does not discriminate on the basis of race or gender, for example, and it is indefensible that government should do so when deciding who is deserving of their help and who is not.

Whether a business owner is black or white, male or female, has no bearing on which employees are affected!

White-owned businesses have black employees, who in turn support families. By deliberately denying these businesses critical government relief, it is not just the owner of the business, but indeed these families, who will suffer should the business fail.

Sign this petition calling on the IMF to act now: direct the South African government to NOT use its loan financing in a way that furthers discrimination.

We must help save as many lives and livelihoods as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Give us the coronavirus stats now

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government and the Premier of KZN, Sihle Zikalala, are keeping the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal in the dark about the local Covid-19 statistics. Why are they doing this?

As the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal we DEMAND that the Premier and his government make detailed statistics available to the public on a daily basis like we have seen in other provinces.

We cannot make informed decisions while we are being kept in the dark.


We need a stable water supply to protect ourselves from the coronavirus!

The coronavirus is a new disease that is spreading globally. It is similar to the flu but it spreads from person to person extremely easily.

It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT that our community can practise excellent hygiene (as well as other measures like avoiding close contact with other people) to break the chain of infection.

But to keep our hands, homes and workspaces clean we need reliable water!

Please  urgently sign this petition demanding that Rand Water stop reducing the water pressure during this national emergency.

Rand Water is effectively holding residents at ransom in these trying times by reducing the water pressure due to outstanding debt that is owed by Victor Khanye Local Municipality!

During these water supply reductions, high lying areas in Sundra, Rietkol and Eloff have no water at all which places them at even higher risk of infection.

Rand Water’s pressure reductions are fostering a coronavirus time bomb by not allowing residents to protect themselves from the virus.

Please ACT NOW and sign this petition calling on Mr Percy Sechamane, CEO of Rand Water, to ensure that our communities have a permanent and clean water source  during these trying times.

Krag aan die mense, nou!

Geagte President Ramaphosa,

Ek dring aan dat u die DA se plan instel om nou krag aan die mense te gee!

Die situasie by Eskom is erg. Ons glo dat dit in ’n doodspiraal is wat die Suid-Afrikaanse ekonomie ten gronde sal bring.

Ons kan dit nie laat gebeur nie.

Tesame met die ondergetekende Suid-Afrikaners, dring ek daarop aan dat die regering hulself uit die besigheid van elektrisiteitsopwekking onttrek, sodat ons die ligte kan aanhou!

Suid-Afrika moet dringend die wet verander, sodat dit besighede en individue toelaat om hul eie krag op te wek en belastingaansporings aan te bied om die koste van die nodige toerusting te dek.

Die DA stel voor dat die regering:

  • Elektrisiteitsopwekking privatiseer. Dit sluit in dat burgers toegelaat word om hul eie krag op te wek om die ligte aan te hou.
  • Die wet te verander, sodat besighede en individue die ekstra elektrisiteit wat hulle op die netwerk opwek aan ander kan verkoop om te gebruik.
  • ’n R75 000 belastingkorting aan te bied om die koste verbonde aan die installering van sonkragstelsels in huise te dek en sodoende minder druk op die netwerk te plaas.
  • Nulkoers-BTW op LED-gloeilampe en energiebesparende toestelle.
  • Toelaat dat munisipaliteite hul krag vanaf onafhanklike kragprodusente kan koop, eerder as om op Eskom staat te maak.

Mnr. President, ek dring daarop aan dat u die ernstige situasie waarin ons is aan te pak.

Doen asseblief wat reg is vir Suid-Afrika se energietoekoms.


John Steenhuisen