Petition to fix the roads and potholes in Hartbeesfontein

Hartbeesfontein’s roads are full of potholes – they are difficult and unsafe to drive on, especially after it rains.

It is especially difficult for ambulances and medical personnel to get access to Evanna Old Age Home.

Hartbeesfontein also has numerous gravel roads which need immediate attention.  

Please sign this petition calling on the City of Matlosana to do their job and fix our roads.

Petition to fix up the Wagpos road

The pot-hole ridden road is in a terrible state of decay and is currently not safe to drive on, having caused many horrific car crashes.

This makes it difficult for businesses to keep running, learners to get to school, residents to get to work, and for essential services like the SAPS and emergency medical response to access communities in need.

Please sign our petition.

The DA in North West will submit the signed petition to the North West Legislature and Parliament to urge government to act now and immediately allocate the much-needed resources to fix up this road.

PE College students deserve safe campuses now!

Students at PE College are falling victim to crime on a regular basis and are being subjected to criminality in the streets surrounding our campuses.

By signing this petition you stand with DASO in requesting that the South African Police Service increase visibility at all PE College campuses.

DASO will never stop fighting to ensure safer campuses where the security of students can be guaranteed.


Petition objecting to the name changes of Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage

The government has, in the middle of a pandemic, recently changed the names of Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage to Gqeberha and Kariega.

Did they follow all the necessary steps to make this important decision?

We have all been kept in the dark.

While redress is crucial in our democracy, these name changes have very little historical meaning and are taking place at a time when unemployment is sky-high.

Changing these names will cost millions, we don’t have.

Name change processes must be inclusive and reflect our constitutional commitment to reconciliation. 

The majority of residents in Nelson Mandela Bay were not given enough chances to object to the name changes and are overwhelmingly against them.

Sign this petition to fight these name changes.

Petition for a tar road

It becomes near impossible to get to schools and other services when the gravel road washes away in heavy rain.

But for the past ten years, the North West Department of Public Works and Roads has failed to build a tar road. They continue to waste money gravelling the road instead of doing the job properly and building a tar road that everyone can use. 

Sign this petition for the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to tar this road.

For more information contact the DA Constituency Head in Taung, Sello Seitlholo on 066 079 3648.

Premier Makhura must go!

Premier David Makhura is not fit to govern Gauteng.

The DA in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature has tabled a motion of no confidence against the Premier for his involvement and inaction in the looting of funds intended to procure personal protective equipment for COVID-19 and his failure to ease the impact of the lockdown on residents.

We call on all Gauteng residents to show their support for the DA’s Motion of No Confidence in Premier Makhura by signing this petition.

It is a disgrace that while the country is battling COVID-19, some leaders are using corrupt elements to enrich themselves through these funds.

Sign this petition.

Petition to stop sewerage from flowing into the dam

Madibeng Local Municipality has neglected the maintenance and upgrades of sewerage infrastructure in Hartbeespoort which results in raw sewage flowing down streets, into residents’ homes and into the Hartbeespoort Dam.

The sewerage overflow poses a risk to the health and well-being of residents while it also causes environmental degradation and further pollutes the Hartbeespoort Dam. This aggravates the Hyacinth infestation and hampers rehabilitation of the dam. 

Apart from the serious health and environmental concerns, the constant pollution caused by raw sewerage has a negative impact on the local economy, which is largely dependent on tourism.

The Madibeng Infrastructure Department has failed to offer a permanent solution to this problem. The sewerage spill is caused by a lack of maintenance and upgrades to the sewerage pipelines and pump stations.

Sign our petition to pressure the Madibeng Local Municipality to urgently repair the sewerage infrastructure and rehabilitate affected areas, and to compel the National Department of Water and Sanitation to coordinate and assist with this urgent matter.    

For more information contact Councillor Erna Rossouw on 072 293 4448 or Councillor Maritza du Plessis on 082 683 7891.

Petition to end power cuts

Electricity is a basic service that must be delivered to all equally.

The Ellaton, Klerksindustria, Mayfair Village, Strathmore farms and surrounding areas in the south of Klerksdorp experience frequent and unplanned power cuts, sometimes for over 72 hours due to the Municipality’s failure to maintain the electricity infrastructure.

The electricity infrastructure is overloaded due to illegal connections, lack of technical support and not enough electricians hired to respond to power cuts. 

With several old age homes and businesses in the area, electricity is needed for the operation of medical equipment, such as oxygen machines and nebulisers, while businesses suffer a losses from a reduction in productivity and trade which places their sustainability and jobs at risk.

Sign this petition to pressure the Matlosana Municipality to respond to these issues as residents and ratepayers’ lives are severely disrupted. 

For more information contact Councillor Shaun-Patrick Sesana on 071 210 8275.

Riebeek East needs a 24/7 police station

Fight for a Riebeek East police station that is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently the police station is not manned overnight and only manned during the day by Police Officers from Grahamstown/Makhanda. Lawlessness occurs mainly after hours, therefore highlighting the need for a 24/7 manned police station!

Please join me in signing the DA’s petition to ensure a Riebeek East police station that is open for business 24/7

Protect your ownership rights

We cannot let the ANC silently slip the Expropriation Bill past the public and into law.

If the Expropriation Bill is allowed, the ANC government will be able to take anything you own and claim it’s of “public interest”.

This does not just refer to land. The ANC’s proposal would undermine your right to own all kinds of property – be it a car or a house, or even intellectual property.

Sign this petition to show your support for the DA’s work to stop this bill in its tracks.

Here are some of the DA’s concerns with the Expropriation Bill:

  • It has a list of five circumstances where zero compensation could be paid but it allows government to extend this list endlessly.
  • It offers government near unlimited powers to simply expropriate personal property – even going so far as to suggest that copyrighted and patented property could be at risk.
  • It is weighted in favour of the ANC government, whose reputation for greed precedes them.
  • It provides very little in terms of oversight opportunity by experts to ensure fairness to ordinary South Africans.
  • It will clearly and severely impact property rights and cannot be trusted in its present form to a corrupt government.