Petition to fight Buffalo City water outage crisis

Sign the petition and support the DA’s campaign to fight constant water outages in Buffalo City.

The DA in Buffalo City is opposed to frequent and prolonged water outages in Ward 43. This happens, despite the fact that a supply of clean potable water is a right enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. 

We demand that the Buffalo City Municipality takes action to ensure that the appropriate measures are put in place to avoid these outages, and that they engage with Amatola Water to rectify the situation with immediate effect.

Sign this petition now and get behind our mission to force the Buffalo City municipality to act and end this crisis.

Preserve our heritage and refurbish Walter Sisulu Square now!

The Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation (SACR) has since 2020 failed to refurbish Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication, depriving thousands of residents of businesses and employment opportunities.

The heritage square has been neglected and is prone to further vandalism by criminals who are continuing to strip and steal materials.

This facility, which contains South African history, a clinic, a post office, and a licensing department, is no longer functional.

Sign our petition now to demand the refurbishment of Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication

The DA’s mission to force the SACR Department to do the following:

  • To refurbish the facility and ensure it is fully functional,
  • To make an urgent intervention to reconnect electricity at the Soweto Hotel,
  • To establish a residency contract for artists performing for tourists at the square,
  • To absorb volunteer security personnel at the square,
  • To ensure marketing of the square after refurbishment to attract tourists and event organisers.

It is crucial that we not only preserve our heritage, but that while doing so; we create employment and opportunities for residents.

Sign this petition and show your support for the DA’s mission – we demand the SACR refurbish Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication now! 

Violent crime in Nelson Mandela Bay is spiralling out of control

Violence is spiralling out of control in Nelson Mandela Bay with four police stations falling within the top 30 for murder in the country. Gang violence is playing a massive role in this crisis, but SAPS is making little effort to address the issue.

SAPS can fight this crisis by:

  • Strengthening crime intelligence
  • Making resources available to boost the anti-gang unit
  • Increasing visible policing
  • Capacitating Community Policing Forums and neighbourhood watches

The petition will be tabled in Parliament before the police portfolio committee.

By signing this petition, you are supporting our campaign to fight spiralling crime in Nelson Mandela Bay.



Petition for fresh elections for a stable Joburg, now!

Joburg is being held hostage by unethical small parties that use coalitions to extort positions and patronage. As a result, the Johannesburg city council, as currently constituted, has no pathway to a sustainable, stable and ethical majority government.

The council that emerged from the 2021 local government election features no less than 18 different parties. The council is too split and fragmented, with too many small parties that hold the balance of power, for a stable government to be formed.

It is time to go back to the voters so that they can fix this extreme fragmentation by uniting behind the DA. This will enable us to form a stable and ethical new government that can rescue Joburg.

We will introduce a motion that the Johannesburg city council dissolve itself on 2 November 2023. This is exactly two years since the 2021 local government election. The Municipal Structures Act provides that a council with no pathway to form a stable government may dissolve itself two years after the last election.

Sign this petition now and get behind the DA’s mission of providing fresh elections for a stable Joburg.

The DA calls on all political parties in Joburg to put aside their own narrow political ambitions and instead support our motion for fresh elections. It is time to end the merry-go-round of no-confidence motions and the selfish fighting about positions.

The DA brings this motion in the interest of all residents of Joburg, who are tired of the political instability that has brought service delivery to its knees.

Sign this petition now and get behind the DA’s mission to rescue our country’s biggest city. By uniting behind the DA, we can bring an end to the fragmentation that enables small parties to hold Joburg hostage.

The City of Johannesburg must handle property rates objections now!

Residents are fed up with the way the City of Johannesburg’s property valuation objection process is being handled.

Sign this petition in support of DA’s call for the the CoJ to handle property rates objections now!

We demand that residents who have objected to their property valuations must be allowed to pay rates based on their substantiated valuation of the property, pending the outcome of the objection process.

This is on the understanding that there would be a reconciliation of the objector’s rates account after the objection and appeal processes have been completed.

Please sign this petition in support of the DA’s mission, the city must take action for rate payers now! 

Stop continuous water interruptions in Matlosana wards 15 and 19

Sign this petition calling on the City of Matlosana to ensure reliable and clean water supply to residents in wards 15 and 19.

In addition, the wards eight primary and six high schools, and several old age homes and retirement villages.

Enough is enough! We demand water!

Matlosana must:

  1. Install automatic timers to the reservoir so that pumps can automatically pump water once electricity supply is restored.
  2. Ensure regular maintenance and repairs are done at the pump stations.
  3. Increase the capacity of the reservoir to meet the demand of residents and businesses.
  4. Immediately repair water leaks.
  5. Request an exemption from Eskom to avoid load shedding the reservoir.

For more information contact Lerina Strydom at 083 443 5804.

SAPS must take control of drug dealers in Polokwane now

Lt. Gen Thembi Hadebe, 

Due to a lack of active policing over the past few years, Polokwane neighbourhoods have become infested with drug labs, yet drug-related arrests have drastically decreased.

While we welcome the recent spate of arrests of drug ‘kingpins’ in the suburbs, more needs to be done. 

SAPS must take control of drug dealers in Polokwane now.

The use of illicit drugs impacts negatively on the users, their families as well as the community as a whole. Lives are being destroyed and people feel unsafe.

We hereby demand that Polokwane SAPS prioritise drug-related crime and take action against the drug dealers running rampant in the area. 

Please sign this petition and support the DA’s call for SAPS to take control of drug dealers in Polokwane. 

Petition to save the Makana Local Municipality by removing the mayor from office

Under the leadership of the current mayor the failed ANC government in the Makana Local Municipality has presided over a total failure in service delivery brought on by:

  • A lack of leadership during the current water crisis.
  • Failure to address the ongoing overtime labour issue.
  • Failure to address the longstanding issue of a dysfunctional municipal unit in Alicedale.
  • Failure to properly engage with the community and to provide leadership.

The DA has submitted a motion of no confidence in the mayor to demand that she be removed from office and replaced.

By signing this petition, you are supporting our motion of no confidence and adding your voice to those calling for the mayor to be held accountable and to be removed from office.


Thaba Chweu Local Municipality must stop polluting the Sabie river, now!

We, the undersigned residents of Thaba Chweu local municipality call on the acting Municipal Manager, Mr Maropeng Peter Mankga, to stop polluting the Sabie River and deal with the shortcomings of the wastewater treatment plant.

Sabie wastewater treatment plant has been non-operational since 2020 and because of which it is polluting the Sabie River. Recent inspections highlighted how the lack of regular maintenance at the plant took it to a dysfunctional status as observed in 2021. Some of these shortcomings include:

  • A broken mechanical rake which is causing cloths, plastics and rags to enter the Sabie River.
  • The third aerator, chlorine injection system and one of the sludge pumps have been non-functional for a number of years.

Section 151 (1) (i) and (j) of the National Water Act No. 36 of 1998 maintains that no person may:

  • s151 (1) (i) Unlawfully and intentionally or negligently commit any act or omission which pollutes or is likely to pollute a water resource;
  • s151 (1) (j) Unlawfully and intentionally or negligently commit any act or omission which detrimentally affects or is likely to affect a water resource.

Noting the above sections and the criminal liability imposed by the National Water Act, we call on Thaba Chweu Local Municipality to fix this broken wastewater treatment plant immediately and stop the pollution of the Sabie River.

ANC korrupsie in Hessequa moet gestop word

ANC-raadslid, Chris Taute, het ‘n reeks misdrywe agter sy naam, maar die ANC weier om teen hom op te tree.

In 2013 is Taute dissiplinêr aangekla en skuldig bevind omdat hy  besigheid met die munisipaliteit gedoen het gedurende sy termyn as ANC-burgemeester van Hessequa, en in 2023 verskyn in die hof op 21 aanklagtes van korrupsie. Op 5 Junie sal Taute voor die Streekhof verskyn en die DA sal daar wees om geregtigheid te eis!

Met al hierdie feite, waarom tree die ANC Wes-Kaap en Cameron Dugmore nie op teen hierdie korrupsie-virus nie, en waarom neem hul nie aksie teen hul Wyk 8-kameraad nie?

Teken ons petisie en maak ‘n beroep op die ANC om op te tree!