Stop illegal dumping

We, the residents of Isipingo, call on eThekwini Municipality to vigorously enforce the by-laws on illegal dumping, and prosecute those people and companies that break the law.

Illegal dumping affects the health of our communities as it is a breeding ground for rats and mosquitoes, which spread disease.

Help us fight illegal dumping and get the Municipality to deliver better services to us residents, as it should.

Sign the petition.

Petition for licensing and Home Affairs offices in Lenasia

Residents of Lenasia are in desperate need of licensing and Home Affairs offices, as residents cannot afford to travel long distances to renew their licenses and apply for identity documents. 

Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, and Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, must ensure that these services are brought closer to the people of Lenasia. 

Sign the petition and we will pressure these ministers into listening to the people of Lenasia.

Petition for Transnet to deal with its derelict historical buildings in NMB

It has become clear that Transnet has no intention to help grow the tourism industry in Nelson Mandela Bay. The current state of much of the company’s land, bordering the area from the harbour to Kings Beach, is testament to this.

The Edwardian houses on the Corner of Walmer Boulevard and Humewood Road, for example, have been left in a state of disrepair to the point that demolishing the buildings is the only option left.

The buildings, which are over 110 years old, have become nothing more than a hiding place for criminals and a place to conduct drug deals. They have been left vacant and unattended to for more than a decade, and have become a fire and safety hazard for the surrounding businesses and the residents of Ward 2 at large.

Transnet refuses to engage with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, the media or the public on this issue. To date, they have not issued a statement regarding their plans for the properties.

Sign this petition so that we can pressure Transnet into uplifting our community!

It’s time that Transnet takes us into its confidence and tells us what its immediate plan for the Edwardian houses is.

Recently, the Problem Buildings By-law for Nelson Mandela Bay was promulgated into law which means more stringent action can be taken against property owners who refuse to maintain their properties.

By signing this petition you are requesting that Transnet acts immediately in either demolishing the Edwardian houses or, if at all possible, restoring them to their former glory.

The status quo cannot be accepted any longer and Transnet’s deafening silence on this issue is completely unacceptable!

Petition to make student safety the priority

We call on campus management to make the safety of students on campus a priority by urgently:

  • Getting campus security to check that every single person who comes onto campus should be there.
  • Getting campus security to check that nobody who comes onto campus has a weapon.
  • Ensuring that campus security does more patrols, especially in the evening and early morning.
  • Tightening security at student residences.
  • Ensuring that infrastructure like lighting on pathways and in bathrooms, for example, is regularly maintained.
  • Increasing security at ATMs on and around campus grounds.

If you would like to get involved in DASO, or would like more information on DASO, please contact Hannah on 082 644 2356.

Petition for proper sanitation in Primindia

For years, residents of Primindia, in Ward 23 Madibeng, have been forced to endure raw sewerage flowing in the streets due to Madibeng Local Municipality’s failure to provide proper sanitation.

All residents deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment!

Sign our petition calling on the Madibeng Local Municipality to restore the dignity of residents by fixing the sewerage system.

For more information, contact Councillor Ronellé Gous on 071 641 0181 or

Stop political interference in South African sport!

The controversial new Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill is set to place Sports Minister, Nathi Mthethwa, at the centre of everything that happens in South African sport.

The Bill will allow the minister to introduce quotas to influence team selection, as well as implement the following concerning new laws:

  • The role of recognized Sport Confederations will in some cases be replaced with only the ministers.
  • Sports bodies will no longer be able to arrange international events or meetings without the consent of the minister.
  • Disputes between sports bodies will only be resolved by the minister via a tribunal.
  • The Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc), is basically deprived of all rights.
  • The minister will be able to regulate the appointments of foreign coaches. Cricket SA or professional football (SAFA) will therefore have to obtain permission from the minister to make appointments in this regard.
  • Sports promoters will be regulated.
  • The minister will henceforth be the only person to award Protea colours and the powers of federations and Sascoc will be limited to recommendations.
  • Private gyms will have to be licensed by and report to the Minister of Sport.

This is in direct contrast to the ban by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games on government interference in sports codes of countries.

We must act now to stop this direct political interference in South African sport!

No to the name changing of our town, Middelburg

We, the undersigned residents and stakeholders of the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality, hereby object to the name change of our town, Middelburg. 

We request the municipality not to change the name as it has no derogatory connotation or negative historic undertone.  The name change will have unnecessary cost implications and will not benefit the town in any significant way.

Protect your property rights and keep SA’s economy afloat!

NOTE: This portal allows you to draft your own comment or objection to the constitutional amendment to allow for expropriation without compensation. It is NOT a petition. Parliament cannot refuse any genuine submissions made by members of the public. Section 59 of the Constitution obliges it to facilitate public involvement in the legislative and other processes of the National Assembly and its committees.

Land reform is essential in South Africa, but it does not have to entail changing our democratic Constitution, and harming your right to own property, to be achieved.

This was proved in August when two landmark Constitutional Court judgements placed the blame for failed land reform on the national government, and not the Constitution.

But, instead of dealing with 25 years of governmental failure and corruption, the ANC-government is now trying to change the Constitution by amending Section 25 through the Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill, gazetted on 13 December 2019.

If passed, this bill means the government will be free to take your home, business, land… in fact anything that you ‘own’, without compensation! 

If passed, it will destroy our economy and kill investor confidence!

The DA believes that the only way to truly redress the wrongs of the past is to make more South Africans property owners, and to fiercely protect this right instead of taking it away.

Please urgently submit your objection before the deadline on 29 February 2020 so that we can stop this.

We can avoid catastrophe, and provide legal and thorough land reform

Land reform can already take place without a constitutional amendment to Section 25 because the state already has the power to expropriate land provided it gives just and equitable compensation.

If the government amends Section 25 of the Constitution to implement expropriation without conditions (removing the need for just and equitable compensation), then such a motion would offend Section 1 of the Constitution, collapsing the core underlying values of our Constitution, and putting your right to own a home, land or business at risk.

There’s still time to stop this

We call on every single South African to take a stand against this disastrous ANC-sponsored bill because it is possible to have effective, constitutional land reform where your property rights are protected!

Please urgently submit your objection, and we will make sure that it is taken to Parliament and heard!

Object now!

The DA has been championing this issue for you in Parliament all year

Petition to Newcastle Municipality

We, the undersigned residents of the Newcastle areas are affected by continuous sewage overflows and petition the Newcastle Municipality to address the issue with immediate effect. We can’t tolerate the frequent sewage overflow that is contaminating our houses and streets. It is flowing in the storm water drains and ends up in our rivers. To prevent this health hazard we demand that the Municipality:

  • Repair sewage problems within 24 hours
  • Decontaminate and disinfect the spillage areas with chemicals
  • Repair and replace pipes if needed.
  • Implement a maintenance plan to prevent the bursting of the pipes and sewage overflows

Sign our petition.

Petition to declare Emfuleni Municipality a disaster area!

Residents of Vereeniging, Sebokeng, Boipatong, Sharpeville, Evaton and Vanderbijlpark can no longer live with the stench of sewerage wafting off the Vaal River and into their homes.

Sign our petition calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare the Emfuleni Municipality a disaster area.

The sewerage problem poses serious health risks to the residents!

When the municipality failed to fix the water system, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) was deployed to do the job but they have since suspended their work due to a lack of funds!

Furthermore, the municipality, which is already under partial administration, cannot provide basic services to the residents – the billing system is a mess, there are faulty meters and persistent water leaks, unpaid utility bills and uncollected rubbish strewn all over. 

We will keep fighting to make Emfuleni government clean and accountable so that it delivers reliable services to all residents.

Sign our petition.