Residents calls on Govan Mbeki Municipality to complete all unexecuted road-projects in Embalenhle

Govan Mbeki Municipality has abandoned the two main-road-projects in Ward 1 (Extension 1 & D-Section) at eMbalenhle Township since 2019.  The project titled “Govan Mbeki Local Municipality Rehabilitation of Roads and Stormwater in eMbalenhle – Project No: 8/3/1-21/2019” is stagnant and residents are affected.

According to the aims of the Infrastructure Development Act of 2014:

To provide for the facilitation and co-ordination of public infrastructure development which is of significant economic or social importance to the Republic;

to ensure that infrastructure development in the Republic is given priority in planning, approval and implementation;

to ensure that the development goals of the state are promoted through infrastructure development;

to improve the management of such infrastructure during all life-cycle phases, including planning, approval, implementation and operations; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

We, the undersigned residents of  Govan Mbeki Local Municipality call on the municipality to deal with the issues affecting the projects and must commit itself in completing the roads for our benefit.

Eskom Petition archive

Eskom has mismanaged its funds for years, and we as South Africans have carried the burden of their poor financial management.  Costs are now spiraling out of control, South Africans can simply not afford these constant increases.

The South African economy is suffering and instead of helping our country create jobs, Eskom acts as a barrier to job creation and economic growth. Eskom is at the very heart of State Capture, billions of Rands have been wasted or stolen through a series of corrupt activities and corrupt individuals at the entity.

We, the undersigned concerned South Africans say “NO MORE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

Sign this petition to take action against the tariff increase!

Msunduzi Water Department needs to come up with a clear plan of action

We the undersigning residents that are affected by the lack of basic services, continues interruptions, the lack of effective and efficient communication request that the Municipality immediately come up with a clear plan of action to address the below concerns:

  •  Lack of tools of trade and spares in the Water Department 
  • Lack of clear communication between the technical department and the Call Centre in order to update the community.
  • The lack of maintenance and upgrades of Infrastructure in the Municipality that continues to deteriorate daily without any intervention.
  • The Lack of Qualified/Experienced Engineers in the Water Department to assist in dealing with the backlog of maintenance and upgrades within the Municipality.

Petition for the Old Age grant to be increased

In most cases Old Age grant recipients are the only ones bringing in an income to their household but the Grant does not even meet the barest minimum of household needs!

Not to mention the high levels of unemployment which exacerbate the situation for the elderly.

Sign this petition calling on the national government to cushion the poor and vulnerable against inflationary pressures.

Our aim is to table the petition in Parliament so that it is prioritised as an important issue that is addressed in the President’s next State of the Nation Address (SONA) and in the Finance Minister’s Budget debate.

Sign the petition.

Petition for a fully operational clinic in Malabar

The residents of Malabar are in dire need of a fully operational clinic five days a week.

The closest clinic is in Gelvandale. It is difficult for the unemployed, sick and elderly to travel out of Malabar to get medical services. 

The current clinic in Malabar is only operational once a week on a Friday, where only limited services are provided.

The DA has tabled questions to the Provincial MEC for Health, Ms N Meth, in this regard and will be tabling a motion in the Eastern Cape Legislature calling for a fully operational clinic in Malabar.

Enough is Enough, it is time that ALL of Malabar unites!

We call on residents to support this petition. This petition will be submitted to the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature so that this issue can be tabled in the Provincial Portfolio Committee for Health

Sign this petition to show your support.

EThekwini residents deserve uninterrupted water supply

Residents in Parkgate/Ottawa/Trenance Park demand uninterrupted water supply

EThekwini Municipality needs to build a new reservoir dedicated to supplying uninterrupted water to rate paying residents instead of R175 million in municipal management performance bonuses.

It cannot be that 27 years into democracy, the city still cannot provide something as basic as sufficient water to communities.

Speed calming measures needed in Hillhead Drive

EThekwini Municipality Head of Roads needs to immediately intervene to ensure the safety of residents in surrounding areas

We the residents on Hillhead Drive, Mount Edgecombe demand that Speed humps be installed on an urgent basis. The motivation is based on cars, commercial vehicles and trucks driving at reckless speeds on Hillhead drive which is narrow and heavily pedestrianised. In addition, a recent trend is that vehicles now use Hillhead drive as a short cut to circumvent traffic on the R012.This has not only created additional traffic volumes but the reckless high speed driving directly impacts on safety when entering and exiting our driveways.

We the residents and Ratepayers who live on Hillhead drive, require the City to urgently intervene with speed calming measures.

Petition to recognise Afrikaans as an indigenous language

Kliek hier om die petisie in Afrikaans te sien/teken

The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, continues to defend his Department’s language policy framework for higher education, which classifies Afrikaans hatefully and unconstitutionally as an “foreign” language.

The DA will not relent in our struggle for the recognition of Afrikaans as an indigenous language.

The DA, together with every person who signs this petition, hereby demands the following from the Minister of Higher Education and Training:

  1. The Department of Higher Education and Training must immediately amend the Language Policy Framework for Higher Education to recognize Afrikaans as an indigenous South African language. The Policy Framework currently only recognises languages ​​belonging to the “Southern Bantu language family” as indigenous. This definition is unscientific, contrary to the Constitutional Court’s ruling in the Unisa case, and hurtful and hateful towards the diverse Afrikaans-speaking language community.
  2. After the Policy Framework has been amended to recognise Afrikaans’ legitimate status as an indigenous South African language, Minister Nzimande must publicly and unconditionally apologize to the Afrikaans-speaking community for the way in which he undermined their Constitutional rights to dignity, mother tongue education and equality.
  3. After Afrikaans’ status as an indigenous language has been recognised, Minister Nzimande must request all public universities – including the University of Stellenbosch – to adapt their language policies in accordance with Afrikaans’ status as a full-fledged indigenous language so that mother tongue instruction in Afrikaans is expanded rather than restricted.

Please sign this petition!

Petisie om Afrikaans as ‘n inheemse taal te erken

Click here to sign this petition in English

Die Minister van hoër onderwys, Blade Nzimande, verdedig steeds sy department se taalbeleidsraamwerk vir hoër onderwys, wat Afrikaans haatlik en ongrondwetlik as ‘n “uitheemse” taal klassifiseer.

Die DA sal meedoënloos ons stryd voortsit vir die erkenning van Afrikaans as ‘n inheemse taal.

Hiermee rig die DA, tesame met alle persone wat hierdie petisie onderteken, die onderstaande eise aan die Minister van Hoër Onderwys en Opleiding:

  1. Die Departement van Hoër Onderwys en Opleiding moet dadelik die Beleidsraamwerk vir Hoëronderwysinstellings wysig om Afrikaans as ‘n inheemse Suid-Afrikaanse taal te erken. Die Beleidsraamwerk erken tans slegs tale wat aan die “suid-Bantoe taalfamilie behoort” as inheemse tale. Hierdie definisie is onwetenskaplik, strydig met die Grondwethof se uitspraak in die Unisa-saak, en kwetsend en haatdraend teenoor die diverse Afrikaanssprekende taalgemeenskap.
  2. Nadat die Beleidsraamwerk aangepas is om Afrikaans se regmatige status as ‘n inheemse Suid-Afrikaanse taal te erken, moet Minister Nzimande die Afrikaanssprekende gemeenskap in die openbaar om verskoning vra vir die wyse waarop hy hierdie gemeenskap se grondwetlike regte tot waardigheid, moedertaalonderrig en gelykheid ondermyn het.
  3. Nadat Afrikaans se status as inheemse taal erken is, moet Nzimande alle openbare universiteite – insluitend die Universiteit van Stellenbosch – versoek om hul taalbeleide dienooreenkomstig met Afrikaans se status as ‘n volwaardige inheemse taal aan te pas sodat moedertaalonderrig in Afrikaans uitgebrei eerder as ingeperk word.

Onderteken asseblief hierdie petisie!

Makulungiswe izindawo zokuhlala abafundi e-UniZulu

Sayina isicelo sethu sokuba uNgqongqoshe wezemfundo ephakeme, uBlade Nzimande angenelele ekulungisweni kwezindawo ezihlala abafundi e-UniZulu

Isicelo sethu ukuthi abaphathi base-UniZulu kanye noBlade Nzimande balungise lezi zinkinga ukuqinisekisa ukuthi akekho umfundi osalayo :

  • Kulungiswe izindlu zokugezela, ezangasese, ompompi, ugesi, izicabha kanye namawindi:
  • Kufakwe amanzi ashisayo ezindlini zokugezela ;
  • Kufakwe izitofu kumakhishi abawasebenzisa bonke, ukuze abafundi bangaphekeli emagumbini okulala;
  • kufakwe ugesi emaphaseji;
  • Kufakwe amawindi aphephile kulungiswe nempahla yasendlini eyephukile emakamelweni abafundi;
  • Ukuqoqwa kukadoti okuhlelekile;
  • IWiFi esebenzayo

Bonke abafundi banelungelo lokuhlala endaweni efanelekileyo futhi enazo zonke izimfanelo.