UThukela District Municipality needs to fix the constant water outages

As residents we demand that UThukela District Municipality listen to the public of Estcourt and come up with a plan to stop the constant water outages. Communities have had to endure being without water for days on end. This has also affected businesses and much needed health facilities including the Estcourt Regional Hospital.

This is a crisis and we demand immediate action now.

KZN housing Petition 

The recent KZN floods have brought to light the inefficiency of the KwaZulu-Natal Human settlements department. We still have thousands housed in community halls even though they were promised temporary housing.

This is on top of the transit camps that people have lived in for decades in totally inhumane conditions. There is poor servicing of ablutions, families living in one room, poor sanitation, overrun by rodents and venomous snakes, poorly located often in dangerous locations where there is risk of flooding.

This all while not even in the metro of the province, eThekwini, is there an open and transparent housing list. The poorest of the poor cannot even apply for a house.

#ZikalalaMustFall Petition 

Premier Sihle Zikalala does not care about the people of this province. He has failed to lead his administration to be one that serves and delivers on its promises.

Under his watch the residents of KZN affected by floods are still homeless and jobless, while the promised financial relief still eludes us.

Under his watch crime in KZN has increased.

Under his watch unemployment in KZN has increased.

Under his watch local government and service delivery has collapsed.

Under his watch lives and livelihoods were lost in the worst civil unrest since the dawn of our new democracy.

KwaZulu-Natal Legislature needs to ensure that he is removed, before he irreparably destroys our economy and our shared future.

Put KZN and its people first. Help us put pressure on the Provincial Legislature to have the Premier removed!

SAPS must take control of the increasing drug abuse and dealers in Govan Mbeki communities

The use of illicit drugs impact negatively on the users, their families and communities.

Drugs damage the health of users and are linked to rises in non-communicable diseases including HIV and AIDS, cancer, heart disease and psychological disorders.

Users are also exposed to violent crime, either as perpetrators or victims and are also at risk of long-term unemployment due to school dropout and being in conflict with law and loss of employment.

The social costs for users are exacerbated due to being ostracised from families and their communities.

Hopeless school children and young adults in Govan Mbeki continue to turn to the ample availability of drugs in our communities. Entire families are destroyed, violent crimes committed and lives lost. Drugs are in most cases a death sentence.

Drugs are having our community under siege.

We, the undersigned residents call on the South African Police Services (SAPS) and government to clamp down only drug abuse, apprehend all known drug dealers and create an anti-drug unit in our community.

DA objects to Riverview Community Hall being used as temporary housing for addicts

The greatest concern is the time it takes to profile these people that could result into months of them living in this hall. This defeats the intended purpose of what a community hall needs to be used for.

Furthermore, a rapid influx of unhoused people will only lead to the structure being permanently occupied and pose a massive safety threat to the community.

The municipality needs to find other temporary housing.

Slash fuel prices!

Dear Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, and Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana,

It is time for your government to urgently cut the exorbitant taxes on fuel in order to lower the price of fuel, food and the cost of living.

The ANC government has uncaringly abused South Africans through the artificially high fuel price for decades. By cutting taxes and levies on fuel, we can easily reduce the cost of fuel by up to a third!

To help South Africans afford food and use a taxi, bus or car to get to work and earn a living, we must:

  • Introduce urgent legislation to immediately deregulate and reduce the fuel price, which will bring immediate relief for all commuters as retailers compete to offer lower prices.
  • Work to reform or replace the bankrupt and mismanaged Road Accident Fund’s levy with a workable system that does not add to the fuel price.
  • Call for an urgent debate of national importance in Parliament to put pressure on the uncaring ANC government to implement the DA’s caring proposals.
  • Introduce a comprehensive rescue plan for South Africa to reduce the cost of living on all fronts.

South Africans deserve a government that cares about them.

It is time to deregulate and slash taxes on fuel so that South Africans can afford to get to work!

It is time to do away with the failed Road Accident Fund, which is just another ANC project that milks South Africans at the fuel pump!

It is time to support farmers to produce cheaper food so that South African families don’t starve!

Deregulate, cut taxes and lower the fuel price now.

The Democratic Alliance

Petisie om die Afrikaanse Taalmonument se naam te behou!

Na ‘n hewige stryd deur die DA, is die ANC-regering onlangs gedwing om die waarheid te erken dat Afrikaans wel ‘n inheemse Afrikataal is. Hierdie deurbraak is egter byna onmiddellik ontsier deur die nuus dat die ANC Minister van Sport, Kuns en Kultuur, Nathi Mthethwa, daarop aandring dat Afrikaans verwyder moet word uit die naam van die Afrikaanse Taalmonument in die Paarl.

Die absurde en roekelose voorstel om Afrikaans te verwyder uit ‘n monument wat juis opgerig is as ‘n viering van die invloede van dwarsoor Afrika en die wêreld wat gelei het tot die totstandkoming van hierdie unieke taal, kom neer op ‘n growwe aanval op Afrikaanssprekende Suid-Afrikaners – en veral op die Afrikaanssprekende meerderheid in die Wes-Kaap, waar die Taalmonument geleë is.

Die DA doen ‘n dringende beroep op die bestuur van die Afrikaanse Taalmonument om nie die knie te buig voor die waansin van Nathi Mthethwa en die ANC nie. Eerder as om monumente van hul betekenis te stroop en ons diversiteit te probeer aanval, behoort Suid-Afrika se ryk en diverse taalerfenis gekoester en beskerm te word.

As jy met ons saamstem, onderteken asseblief hierdie petisie.

Op 28 Mei 2022 vind daar ‘n openbare vergadering in die Paarl plaas, waar die publiek gevra sal word om insette te lewer. By hierdie vergadering sal die DA hierdie petisie – en jou stem – direk aan die bestuur van die Afrikaanse Taalmonument oorhandig met die duidelike boodskap: behou die naam van die Afrikaanse Taalmonument!

Residents of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality have had enough of the ongoing interruptions to the local water supply

Dilapidating infrastructure of the municipality and together with power interruptions at the Rand Water Bloemendal pump station leaves our taps empty for days on end without the municipality being able to provide any alternative for access to water. 

Water is a basic Human Right and it is the constitutional mandate of all municipalities to provide a sustainable access to water.

We, the undersigned, therefore demand:

  • A weekly supply of water to farming communities.
  • A failsafe or alternative supply for when problems affecting Bloemendal pump station affects the water supply to Govan Mbeki.
  • Repairs and maintenance of reservoirs including the Secunda Reservoir which is a white elephant and a continuous waste of municipal assets.
  • A response in writing to the submitter of this petition including actionable steps that will be taken to realize the above.

Petition for Emfuleni to make provision to upgrade and maintain dilapidated roads

The roads in Emfuleni are in a terrible state, riddled with potholes and decay and making them unsafe to drive on.

Road users are often seen driving on the sidewalks, risking getting into accidents due to the bad state of the roads.

This makes it difficult learners to get to school, residents to get to work, and for emergency services response to access communities in need.

Businesses operating in the municipality are unable to move goods in and around Emfuleni swiftly, which impacts productivity and profitability.

Sign our petition.

The DA will submit the signed petition to Emfuleni Local Municipality and to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature urging them to conduct a full-scale audit of the roads and to urgently allocate the much-needed resources to fix, maintain and upgrade the damaged roads.