NMBProgress – Old

Sign this petition to unite behind the DA-led government and the steady, visible progress it is making in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA-led government is working hard to change the corrupt system the ANC left behind. But the ANC wants to remove Mayor Trollip through a Motion of No Confidence and get back to eating the people’s money.

The DA-led government is making real progress. For example, they are replacing all bucket toilets with proper sanitation by early 2018.

12 000 residents have received running water and flush toilets in their homes for the first time. And the first Metro Police force has been launched to improve policing.

Umdoni Municipality Petition

We, the rate payers of Umdoni Municipality, are fed up with the lack of maintenance of our roads and storm-water systems which cause regular damage to our vehicles and properties.

We call on the Municipality to urgently amend the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) to include a maintenance plan and a substantial repairs and upgrades budget, to adequately repair and maintain our pothole-riddled roads and overflowing storm water systems.

Govan Mbeki Petition

The Govan Mbeki Local Municipality has repeatedly failed to uphold its payment agreements with Eskom. This has resulted in Eskom periodically cutting off electricity supply to Secunda, Bethal, eMbalenhle and eMzinoni.

The Municipality’s debt to Eskom currently stands at R450 million. Mismanagement of finances such as poor revenue generation and collection by the ANC has been a major contributor.

The blackouts have not only led to investor uncertainty but have also led to a violent service delivery protest and to the frustration of residents.

We demand that the Municipality;

  • Improve its revenue generation and collection systems,
  • Pay its debt to suppliers within the required 30 day period,
  • Not use its equitable share to pay debts, and
  • Adhere to its Eskom debt repayment plans.

Residents of Govan Mbeki Municipality must not be allowed to suffer due to poor management by the ANC.




Metsimaholo – Bill Me Properly

The billing system in the Metsimaholo Local Municipality is in total disarray.

Despite numerous complaints to Council, frustrated ratepayers have been completely ignored, with nothing being done to solve the problems they are experiencing with their accounts.

The billing issue is further exacerbated by poorly trained staff in sub-offices, with some not even having access to the billing system.

Too many ratepayers travel all the way from the areas of Oranjeville, Deneysville, and Refenkgotso to Sasolburg to sort out faulty bills or resolve problems, only to be turned away.

Enough is enough. It’s time for a new beginning in Metsimaholo.

Sign the petition if you support our call to end the Metsimaholo billing crisis NOW!



Petition for Safer Communities – SAPS ACT NOW

Police stations in Delft, Khayelitsha, Harare, Philippi East, Kraaifontein and Gugulethu are amongst the top ten stations in the country where murders were reported over the last year.

On average, gang-related murders now account for 1 in 5 murders in the province!

The SAPS continues to fail us whilst crime destroys communities

The standard deployment ratio is 1 police officer for every 380 residents but the Western Cape only receives 1 police officer for every 880 residents!

And whilst the DA-led City of Cape Town does its best to help fight crime with metro police and local initiatives, it has no control over the SAPS.

This is because policing falls under the ANC national government.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) must:

  1. Increase police visibility in townships and other previously disadvantaged communities.
  2. Deploy more competent and well-trained police men and women.
  3. Equip stations properly.
  4. Support Community Police Forums.
  5. Guarantee the safety of those who report crimes.
  6. Re-introduce specialised units that tackle particular crimes.

We need to work together to ensure that people’s lives come first and that every resident is free to live in a safe and non-violent community.



NPA letter (co-sign)


On Friday 13 October 2017, after almost a decade of ducking and diving, squandering millions of rands of public money on his own legal fees, the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that President Jacob Zuma should face his 783 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering for stealing the people’s money.

The ball is now firmly in the National Prosecuting Authority’s court.

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane is writing to National Prosecuting Authority, insisting that Jacob Zuma is served with an indictment and appears in court at the soonest available date.

We need your help to put Zuma in handcuffs. With 50,000 signatures, we can pressure the NPA to take action. They will have just 10 days to respond.

The charges have been formulated and the evidence is ready. We now await a trial date.

Eskom Petition

Eskom has mismanaged its funds for years, and we as South Africans have carried the burden of their poor financial management.  Costs are now spiraling out of control, South Africans can simply not afford these constant increases.

The South African economy is suffering and instead of helping our country create jobs, Eskom acts as a barrier to job creation and economic growth. Eskom is at the very heart of State Capture, billions of Rands have been wasted or stolen through a series of corrupt activities and corrupt individuals at the entity.

We, the undersigned concerned South Africans say “NO MORE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

Sign this petition to take action against the tariff increase!

Petition for the removal of Busisiwe Mkhwebane as Public Protector

The work that Thuli Madonsela did in her seven year term as Public Protector greatly strengthened our democracy. She was a stalwart in the fight against corruption in South Africa.

By contrast, Busisiwe Mkhwebane has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she is more of a Zuma Protector than a Public Protector.

With Mkhwebane unfit to hold office, there is now nobody to protect our valuable resources from state capture and large-scale looting.

Below are the most glaring examples of Ms. Mkhwebane’s alleged misconduct:

  1. A failure to provide sound reasoning for her findings in several matters, most notably the ABSA/CIEX case, where she fails to provide transparency and impartiality.
  2. Misconduct in several cases: allegedly hiding submissions received from Black First Land First Group; allegedly failing to ensure a transparent record of her decision in the matter of the Bapo ba Mogale community’s trust.
  3. Disregard for constitutional and legal parameters: Her apparent willingness to receive submissions from the President and SSA, without offering other affected parties opportunity to comment on these.
  4. Troubling actions in the ABSA/Bankorp “life-boat” report: allegedly ignoring requests from the Finance Minister for documents; using a select few documents; misrepresenting having considered interviews which she did not conduct and cannot provide the minutes for, and failing to demonstrate why she believes that large sums of money are recoverable.
  5. Failing to provide timeous reports on, among others, the Vrede Dairy Farm case, phase 2 of the State Capture inquiry; awarding of Presidential Protection Services to Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.


Save Merafong- Petition

Under the leadership of the ANC, Merafong is in crisis. Financial mismanagement, corruption and ineffectiveness threatens the stability of our municipality.

Merafong under the ANC:

  • Has not delivered much needed services,
  • Is severely behind on ESKOM & Rand Water payments, which could affect our electricity & water supply,
  • Has done little to curb 50% water loss due to ailing infrastructure & lack of maintenance.

This petition calls on the Gauteng Provincial Government to immediately intervene and impose a recovery plan for Merafong.

Data Campaign- Data 4 All

The DA Youth wants 500MBs free data per month for registered NSFAS students, students from low-income families not qualifying for student loans, registered matrics, and registered jobseekers.

We want to open opportunities to those that need them most, South Africa’s youth. With more than 50% of young South Africans unemployed, 500mb of free data per month can be used to email your CV up to 10 times per day, or browse job sites and do online research for up to seven hours every week.

We see access to the internet as a basic human right. It provides opportunities to access information; learn, and find jobs.

Help us make this plan a reality.

The time for change is now.