Petition to stop illegal mining by Zama-Zamas in Mogale City

Mogale City was established as a mining town and is now suffering devastation caused by illicit activities, such as illegal mining, by Zama-Zama’s in the entire area.

This is a massive problem as the damage to infrastructure causes sinkholes to collapse roads, such as Windsor Road, and places the lives of residents at risk.

This brazen attack on people’s lives, water infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, as well as roads is an outright declaration of war on the people of Mogale City, in particular, but the West-Rand in general!

The national and provincial government must urgently intervene:

  • All three spheres of government must establish a committee to coordinate action plans to address this matter as an urgent need.
  • State owned enterprises, such as Rand-water, must protect their infrastructure.
  • A commission of inquiry is needed to establish where the profits are being made along this illegal mining value chain.

A disaster zone declaration is imminent.

Sign the petition for urgent intervention.

Petition to address the Midrand traffic gridlock

We, the Community of Midrand, URGENTLY call on the Gauteng MEC of Transport, Jacob Mamabolo and the MMC of Transport in the City of Joburg, Cllr Funzela Ngubeni, to address the severe traffic gridlock on Olifantsfontein Road  particularly during peak hour traffic.

The gridlock is due to, in the main:

  • faulty traffic lights at Lever Road and those going onto the M1 North and South;
  • a lack of points people;
  • and the unruly behaviour of some motorists.

This puts our lives in danger daily. Unnecessary delays of up to 45 minutes to get through one intersection causes road rage and unsafe driving behaviour.


You have failed the citizens of Midrand by ignoring our pleas to address this. You need to improve the safety of commuters by ensuring traffic lights work, or points people are on duty to ensure the free flow of traffic.


Save our lives by doing what you are paid to do: protecting road users!

Petisie om Binnelandse Sake op Stellenbosch te red!

Click here to sign this petition in English

Die Kantoor van Binnelandse Sake in Stellenbosch het tans net 14% van die personeellede wat dit benodig om doeltreffend te funksioneer! Die kantoor is ook ver te klein, wat beteken dat slegs 222 kliënte per dag bedien word, in plaas van die 811 wat elke dag bedien behoort te word!

Onderteken hierdie petisie om aan te dring dat die Parlement:

  1. dringend die Minister van Binnelandse Sake en die Direkteur-Generaal van Binnelandse Sake tot orde roep en eis dat hulle verduidelik hoe hulle van plan is om hierdie situasie te beredder;
  2. verseker dat ‘n konkrete plan aan die Parlement voorgelê word wat sal verseker dat die Stellenbosse kantoor van Binnelandse Sake teen 1 September 2022 op 100% funksioneer in terme van beide personeel vereistes en vloerruimte; en
  3. meganismes in plek sit om die inwerkingstelling van enige ondernemings om dienslewering te verbeter, te moniteer.

Petition to fix Stellenbosch Home Affairs!

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The Stellenbosch Home Affairs Office is only operating at 14% of its staff capacity and given its small size it is currently only able to serve 222 clients per day, instead of the 811 it is supposed to serve daily!

Sign this petition demanding that Parliament:

  1. urgently reprimands the Minister of Home Affairs and the Director-General of Home Affairs for this service delivery failure and calls them to explain how they intend to fix it;
  2. ensures that a concrete plan is tabled before Parliament to ensure 100% capacity (in terms of staff and office space) by no later than 1 September 2022; and
  3. monitors the progress of any service delivery commitments made.

Residents of Newlands West deserve reliable and efficient service delivery

Sign the petition calling for eThekwini municipality to prioritise reliable and efficient service delivery in Newlands West.

  • We demand working street lights
  • We demand stream cleaning
  • We demand speed humps
  • We want our parks clean
  • We need a rapid response on water and electricity outages
  • We demand regular verge cutting and bush cutting
  • We say no to land invasion
  • We say no to crime

Enough is enough, we are tired of poor service delivery.

#GautengWaterCrisis: Support our water campaign to ensure access to uninterrupted water supply for all residents!

Rand Water’s scheduled water outages have resulted in many areas in Gauteng not having water. 

This leaves many of our residents with no water for days on end – in the middle of a pandemic. 

Sign our petition calling on the Gauteng Provincial Government and the CEO of Rand Water to urgently assist affected municipalities with water tankers during these water outages. 

Access to water is a basic Human Right and a Constitutional right!

In addition to this petition, our team will be tabling of an urgent motion in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature to immediately deal with this matter. 

We will also engage with the National Department of Water and Sanitation on its refusal to grant a license to Rand Water to increase its water capacity supply. 

A call to fix the water infrastructure in iLembe District

For the past decade or more, the ANC has done patch jobs on the water infrastructure in iLembe. When taps are turned on, water should come out. It is unacceptable that water is often delivered to consumers in the iLembe area via water tankers, when there has been ample time to build and maintain infrastructure.

Access to clean water is a human right.

Please sign this petition if you agree that it is time for an end to continuous water outages.

Petition for reliable water in the Free State

17 of the 19 local municipalities in the Free State recorded water interruptions in some form which includes but is not limited to:

  • Chemical shortage problem to purify the water.
  • Water cut off to 30%.
  • Water illegally cut off so residents don’t have supply.
  • Water shedding, sometimes twice a day and without notice.
  • Water off for days at a time, sometimes weeks at a time.
  • Water infrastructure works that cut off the supply for extended times with no notice given.
  • Water infrastructure projects that don’t solve the problem and cost more than they should.
  • Water is off days at a time because there is no transport for staff to turn on certain pumps.
  • Insufficient water infrastructure to cater to all residents’ water needs.
  • Dirty water that is physically yellow/brown in colour, has not been tested in five years, or has PHI levels seven times higher than what it should be.

The following Free State municipalities have experienced one or more of these issues: Mangaung, Matjhabeng, Dihlabeng, Nketoana, Mantsopa, Setsoto, Maluti-a-Phofung, Phumelela, Ngwathe, Mafube, Moqhaka, Nala, Masilonyana, Tswelopele, Tokologo, Letsemeng, and Kopanong Municipality.

Show your support by signing this petition.

The DA will fight for residents like you to have access to sufficient supply of clean water by taking this petition to the Free State premier and to the National Council of Provinces.

Government must address these inhumane misconducts!

Petition to keep our community safe

On 14 February 2022, Annemique, aged 32, and her daughter Almique, aged two, were murdered in the comfort of their home. The alleged murdered will appear in court on 18 April 2023.


Sign this petition calling for the Parliament of South Africa and or the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development to introduce urgent legislative reforms to ensure that any risk that persons accused of violent criminal acts may repeat such acts while on bail, be prevented or minimised.

Cabinet Must Go

If President Ramaphosa won’t fire any of his crooks and freeloaders in Cabinet, we will take that burden off his hands and do it for him.

Our Motion of No Confidence (MONC) against President Ramaphosa’s cabinet is scheduled for 30 March.

Please show your support and co-sign this potentially life-changing motion in Parliament.

The fight for a working, accountable government starts here.