Operation INK clean up

Communities in Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu are drowning in dirt due to the municipality’s failure to enforce illegal dumping by-laws.

We are calling on the eThekwini municipality to:

  • Provide skips in spots where there are high levels of dumping.
  • Enforce the illegal dumping by-laws
  • Promote the turning of dumping sites into gardens.

Keep our communities clean and safe!

End the N2 chaos now!!!

The April floods devastated many parts of eThekwini including a number of major roads. The N2 was not spared. Two major sinkholes appeared in Toti and near Umgababa.

Over 100 days later, absolutely NOTHING has been done by this government to get these roads working properly again.

 All questions to SANRAL and the Department of Transport have fallen on deaf ears.

 The DA will drive this issue relentlessly on your behalf in the media and in Parliament but we need your help!

Petition to Investigate Tembisa Hospital’s fishy payments NOW!

An investigation by News24 shows that shortly before she was murdered, corruption whistle blower Babita Deokaran flagged a flood of payments by Tembisa Hospital to fishy companies, including three companies headed by ANC big wig Sello Sekhokho, who is currently Treasurer-General of the ANC’s Ekurhuleni region.

Sign this petition demanding that the Gauteng Department of Health:

  1. Urgently suspends the Department’s CFO Lerato Madyo for allegedly authorising fishy payments by Tembisa Hospital.
  2. Conducts a forensic investigation into this massive scandal that involves more than R100 million for grossly overpriced medical supplies.
  3. Answers DA questions in the Gauteng Legislature concerning the apparent cover-up of the Tembisa Hospital payments.

Petition to #ScrapNYDA Now!

It is our view that the NYDA should be leading the charge in ensuring that the education sector responds to the economic demands and opportunities that will await prospective job-seekers.

It should be engaging stakeholders from the education sector and the private sector to address the need for “a soft landing” post education and training.

Instead, the NYDA has continued with baseless excursions with their friends abroad at the expense of taxpayers.

Sign this petition demanding that Parliament:

  1. Scraps the NYDA and establishes Youth Works Opportunity Centres across the country, to service work-seekers and small businesses.
  2. Allocates funds towards the establishment of Youth Economic Zones for trading, to revive the industrial and manufacturing sector.
  3. Establishes Innovation Hubs, to service new markets in metropole areas for creatives in the Arts and Culture sector.
  4. Establishes a one-stop-shop, to cut red tape in the formalisation of small and emerging businesses by young people.
  5. Makes drastic policy shifts, to include incentives for employers and the adoption of the Youth Wage Subsidy as a government policy.

Let’s fight drug abuse in Madibeng

Alcohol and drug abuse among the Youth is on the rise. Let’s step up and take action by signing this petition. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

We demand that:

  1. The Madibeng Local Municipality, together with the North West Departments of Health and Social Services, work with schools, on outreach programmes, to create awareness of drug abuse, its impact on young lives and their families, as well as assist with rehabilitation of victims of drug abuse; and,  
  2. The SAPS to increase its efforts to identify and arrest drug dealers in Madibeng and to ensure increased safety in and around schools.

For more information contact Cllr Ronelle Gous at 071 641 0181

Give Emfuleni its power back!

For three years, some Emfuleni residents, in the ANC-led Emfuleni Municipality, have been without electricity because of a faulty Eskom transformer.

Enough is enough!

Residents and businesses in Emfuleni deserve a stable power supply.

Sign the petition to show your support.

#CeleMustGo: President Ramaphosa must fire failing Police Minister Bheki Cele now!

Sign this petition demanding President Ramaphosa to effect the following changes now – starting with firing Bheki Cele:

  • Fire Bheki Cele as Police minister and appoint someone who is capable of leading the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Then, President Ramaphosa and the ANC government must:

  • Increase the number of well trained and resourced, visible policing boots on the ground.
  • Demilitarise and professionalise the police service. The SAPS is filled with top-heavy middle management cadres who do nothing for the protection of the country’s citizens.
  • Eradicate the backlog of DNA samples and ensure the full implementation of the Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act when it comes into effect.
  • Create Rural Community Policing Units in each rural police station to provide additional protection to these areas so that rural communities do not suffer from crime as a result of lack of policing.
  • Train and increase the number of police reservists to assist the SAPS with reducing crime levels.
  • Devolve policing powers to competent provincial and local governments, so that the failing national government has less control of the SAPS.
  • Expand the powers of existing metropolitan and local law enforcement officers. Empowering security, local law enforcement and metro police will go a long way to improving outcomes and rebuilding trust in the communities the SAPS serves.
  • Strengthen community policing partnerships with Neighbourhood Watches (NHWs), Community Policing Forums (CPFs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), churches, private security, local law enforcement and metropolitan police.

Show your support by signing the petition.

UThukela District Municipality needs to fix the constant water outages

As residents we demand that UThukela District Municipality listen to the public of Estcourt and come up with a plan to stop the constant water outages. Communities have had to endure being without water for days on end. This has also affected businesses and much needed health facilities including the Estcourt Regional Hospital.

This is a crisis and we demand immediate action now.

KZN housing Petition 

The recent KZN floods have brought to light the inefficiency of the KwaZulu-Natal Human settlements department. We still have thousands housed in community halls even though they were promised temporary housing.

This is on top of the transit camps that people have lived in for decades in totally inhumane conditions. There is poor servicing of ablutions, families living in one room, poor sanitation, overrun by rodents and venomous snakes, poorly located often in dangerous locations where there is risk of flooding.

This all while not even in the metro of the province, eThekwini, is there an open and transparent housing list. The poorest of the poor cannot even apply for a house.

#ZikalalaMustFall Petition 

Premier Sihle Zikalala does not care about the people of this province. He has failed to lead his administration to be one that serves and delivers on its promises.

Under his watch the residents of KZN affected by floods are still homeless and jobless, while the promised financial relief still eludes us.

Under his watch crime in KZN has increased.

Under his watch unemployment in KZN has increased.

Under his watch local government and service delivery has collapsed.

Under his watch lives and livelihoods were lost in the worst civil unrest since the dawn of our new democracy.

KwaZulu-Natal Legislature needs to ensure that he is removed, before he irreparably destroys our economy and our shared future.

Put KZN and its people first. Help us put pressure on the Provincial Legislature to have the Premier removed!