Petition calling for Eastern Cape to be declared a Drought Disaster Area

The Eastern Cape is in crisis! The province is in the grip of one of the worst droughts on record.

Nelson Mandela Bay and Kouga are just months away from dry taps. The Kouga dam is the lowest it has ever been, since its construction. It is estimated that by July, no more water will be able to be extracted from it.

Across the province, municipalities taps are running dry. Farmers are battling. Their crops and livestock are dying.

Despite this, EC Premier, Oscar Mabuyane, hesitates and refuses to declare the province a drought disaster area, which would allow provincial government to lobby for additional drought mitigation funding from national government.

Funding that is desperately needed to assist the municipalities and farmers weather this crisis.

By signing this petition, you are adding your voice to the call for Premier Mabuyane to declare the province a drought disaster area!

Say no to the proposed tariffs increase in Msunduzi!

The municipality is proposing an increase between 5.35% and 14.59% on tariffs.

It is unacceptable that already depleted and overburdened Ratepayers are being choked to pay more, when the Municipality is failing to provide them with the most basic of services.

The DA proposes the following increases in line with National Treasury’s minimum:

  1. Property Rates – 3%
  2. Sanitation – 3%
  3. Refuse Collection- 3%
  4. Others (Penalties) – 6%
  5. Water – 6%
  6. Electricity – 6%
  7. Waste – 3%

As is only 40% of Msunduzi Residents contribute towards Rates & Services. We have Aged and Failing Infrastructure (Water/Sanitation/Electricity), Failing Billing System, Overgrown and Unmaintained Vegetation throughout the Suburbs and Irregular Expenditure on Non-Core functions & Private Security. Until these are fixed, we cannot expect ratepayers to cough up highly unreasonable funds for a municipality which does nothing for them.

Jobs for SA, not ANC friends

We must end the revolting practice of giving ANC friends jobs.

The ANC even has a cadre deployment committee that decides which loyal ANC friends get what jobs, and President Ramaphosa reportedly became its chairperson in 2013.

Enough is enough!

The DA’s End Cadre Deployment Bill seeks to enforce a rule that civil servants can only get their job on merit, and not on political loyalty.

Please show your support for the DA’s proposed new law that will ensure that jobs go to all South Africans, not just loyal ANC friends.

Sign the petition.

Petition to stop exorbitant tariff increases in failing ANC-led Emfuleni Municipality

Please sign the DA’s petition calling on the Emfuleni Municipality to reverse its proposed tariffs for 2021/22 of between 6% and 16% immediately.

It is unacceptable that already overburdened residents are being squeezed to pay more, when the Municipality is failing to provide them with the most basic services:

  • Nothing is being done to fix the ongoing sewage problems.
  • Potholes are not being filled.
  • Streetlights are dysfunctional.
  • Power and water cuts must stop.
  • The overgrown grass must be cut.

Sign the petition to stop exorbitant tariff increases.

Petition for service delivery at Mahikeng’s industrial site

Let’s get Mahikeng working!

Businesses at the industrial site suffer from a total lack of basic services:

  • most of the roads are pothole-ridden and impassable,
  • there is raw sewage constantly flooding areas such as 2nd Street, and
  • rubbish is not collected even though these businesses pay for this service.

Despite numerous requests from businesses for the Municipality to attend to these issues, no action has been taken. 

Enough is enough!

Please sign the petition to force the municipality to address these service delivery concerns now.

Petition to fix billing crisis and improve service delivery in Eldorado Park

We, the undersigned residents of Johannesburg, hereby petition the Executive Mayor, Geoff Makhubo, the MMC for Finance, Cllr Jolidee Matongo, and the MMC for EIS, Cllr Mpho Moerane to:

  1. Resolve all billing queries in Eldorado Park;
  2. Resolve all meter issues in Eldorado Park;
  3. Provide assistance to pensioners and the unemployed by helping them to register their status with the City;
  4. Ensure that properly equipped teams are dispatched to fix water leaks and power outages;
  5. Ensure that these teams do their work quickly and to a high standard so that they don’t keep coming back to fix the same issue.

Petition to oppose the renaming of William Nicol Drive to Winnie Mandela Drive

Sign the petition to oppose the renaming of William Nicol Drive to Winnie Mandela Drive.

The proposal to rename William Nicol goes against the City’s Naming of Streets and Public Places Policy for several reasons:

  1. William Nicol Drive is the responsibility of the province and the City therefore has no jurisdiction over it.
  2. Renaming should be avoided when there are significant costs – not only to the City, but also to businesses and other stakeholders.
  3. Insufficient public consultation with affected stakeholders, no notice to councillors in the affected wards, and a lack of public notices.
  4. There are already roads and schools named after Winnie Mandela and the policy says that there should be no duplication of names within the City.
  5. A re-naming proposal will be considered only when the long-term benefits to the community can be shown to outweigh any short-term effects or private interests i.e. the political games during an election year.

Please petition Executive Mayor, Geoff Makhubo, and the MMC for Community Development, Cllr Margaret Arnolds, to cease the process of renaming William Nicol Drive.

Sign the petition.

Petition to oppose rates and tariff increases for Johannesburg residents

The economic crisis, made worse by the coronavirus lockdowns, has hit everyone hard.

We need every cent to put food on the table and invest in our businesses so that Johannesburg’s economy can recover.

But the City of Johannesburg is proposing a rates increase (as per draft 2021/2022 Property Rates Policy and By-law, and amended tariffs as approved by Council on 24-25 March 2021).

Please petition Executive Mayor, Geoff Makhubo, and the MMC for Finance, Cllr Jolidee Matongo, to remove any rates and tariff increases for the next financial year so that struggling Johannesburg residents do not continue to suffer, and can use their reduced income to put food on the table and invest in our businesses so that Johannesburg’s economy can recover.

Sign the petition

Petition to fix our roads

Many of Johannesburg’s roads are in such a bad condition that they are unsafe to drive on.

You deserve better!

Sign the Democratic Alliance’s petition calling on the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to restore the road surfaces to acceptable and safe road standards.

The JRA must resurface our suburban roads and repair the potholes immediately!

Sign the petition.

Clean up Edenvale

Edenvale has and is being subjected to ever decreasing levels and quality of service delivery. This despite being the one of the top billing, paying and collecting towns in the metro. We the residents and rate payers are no longer receiving “Value for Money” services that we pay for.

  • With inaccurate billing
  • Incorrect disconnections
  • Litter throughout the town
  • Roads riddled with potholes
  • Household refuse dumped randomly
  • Storm water drains and sewerage lines blocked and overflowing
  • Pavements, trees and parks poorly maintained and
  • Overgrown open spaces not to mention the overcrowding and homelessness crisis
  • Edenvale is in a shocking state

The City of Ekurhuleni needs to take immediate and urgent action to safe guard Edenvale, a major revenue contributor to the coffers of CoE.