EThekwini Municipality neglecting Durban’s tourist attractions

EThekwini’s Golden Mile, Umhlanga Promenade and Wilson’s Wharf form part of Durban’s famous tourism offering. These beautiful attractions have been left to deteriorate as a result of regular sewage spills, environmental pollution and poor infrastructure maintenance.

We call on eThekwini Municipality and Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu to urgently attend to the following issues to save Durban’s tourism economy:

  1. Regular Maintenance of sewage infrastructure: manholes, receiving drains, pump stations, stormwater overflows and screening chambers
  2. Regular refuse collection by Durban Solid Waste (DSW) at Wilson’s Wharf, the Golden Mile and Umhlanga Promenade to avoid overflow of refuse into water-courses
  3. Increased civic education on the disposal of fat and refuse into stormwater drains 
  4. Street light maintenance at Wilson’s Wharf to reduce illegal dumping and to promote the safety of the area
  5. Illegal Dumping enforcement: erection of no dumping signs and monitoring
  6. For eThekwini Municipality to foster working relationships with all relevant stakeholders for effective harbour management
  7. Maintenance and fitment of metal mesh on all ducts leading into the harbour that are used to trap refuse 
  8. Filtration nets to be fitted on all outlet pipes

Save our economy!

Get Our Ambulances Back!

Since the ANC government took over, Johannesburg-owned and operated ambulances have gone from a fleet of 101 ambulances to zero. This is also thanks to the ANC Gauteng Provincial Government’s Provincialisation of Ambulances Programme that was accepted by the ANC Johannesburg government, and has sadly affected the poor in the informal townships who are unable to afford private medical services.

In June 2019, the DA administration in Johannesburg delivered 42 brand new state-of-the-art ambulances to EMS, boosting its fleet by 72% to 101 ambulances. This meant that each fire station across the City received at least one new ambulance, with many new ambulances allocated to fire stations in townships.

Most Johannesburg residents are unable to afford private medical care or ambulance services, and their only hope in an emergency is for the City to dispatch an ambulance that should arrive within 15 minutes. Instead of working towards this life-or-death goal, the City has turned EMS into empty fire stations with no fire engines or ambulances.

It is critical that the ANC-led City of Johannesburg immediately applies for its own operating licence from the provincial government so that the lives of residents can be saved!

Sign our petition to force the City of Johannesburg to get our ambulances back!

EThekwini Electricity Department needs change

Are you tired of the constant electricity crisis in eThekwini?

Join us as we march to the electricity headquarters in eThekwini to protest against the collapsing department

We want the department to FIX our streetlights, FIX the call centre, and FIX the constant power outages and a complete overhaul of this dysfunctional department.

The DA will march to the Electricity Headquarters on the 17th September 2021 at 9am to hand over a memorandum with grievances about the department.

Enough is enough!

Petition to oppose new charges for online driver’s licence booking

We, the undersigned residents of Johannesburg, hereby petition the Minister for Transport, Fikile Mbalula:

  1. To scrap any proposed fees for booking learner’s and driver’s licence applications
  2. To improve the eNatis system to provide quality services that residents deserve.

Petition to clean up the waste by rail property

Knysna Waste By Rail is situated next to an ecological sensitive estuary, in the central business district. The facility is prone to breakdowns leading to a backlog of the waste being processed or removed from the site, causing health concerns. The area has become a haven for criminals and vagrants alike. It down grades all the surrounding properties, reducing their value, not to mention it being unsightly. 

It is time for Knysna Municipality to address all the issues that surround this facility. We hereby ask that the following interventions be taken by Knysna Municipality.

  1. All vagrants be removed from the property, and kept off/away.
  2. The unused rail trucks be removed
  3. The entire property fenced.
  4. Security measures put in place to control access to the property and safeguard it from criminal activities. 
  5. After Hours drop off facility to be put in place, that can’t be accessed by vagrants.
  6. Signage to inform the public not to give donations to the vagrants.
  7. Plans containing when, where and how to implement the moving of the facility out of the CBD to a more suitable property or facility.

The residents of Knysna and DA is calling on the Acting Municipal Manager to urgently take the necessary steps to implement our requests.

Sign this petition to show your support.

Support our petition for the release of corruption investigation reports!

Enough is enough!

The residents of Gauteng deserve to know the extent of this corruption, who was responsible and what remedial actions are needed to take place.

This is money that was stolen from feeding schemes, dignity packs for schoolgirls, and places of safety for victims of abuse.

Corruption is not a victimless crime and those responsible must be dealt with, regardless of political affiliation.

Send a strong and clear message to the Gauteng government that we, the residents of Gauteng, will not tolerate corruption.

Sign this petition calling on Premier David Makhura to release the SIU reports into corruption as a matter of urgency! We cannot allow this matter to be swept under the carpet.

Petition against a R2,760 monthly tax hike

The Democratic Alliance rejects the Department of Social Development’s new absurd proposal to tax South Africans anywhere between 8-12% extra.

Those that earn R23,000 a month and upwards will pay R2,760 a month extra in tax. 

Even more shockingly, those that earn R8,758 a month will pay R1,050,97 more in tax.

Sign this petition calling for the ANC’s proposal to be withdrawn and binned.

The proposal is bizarrely backward in that it targets low-income earners rather than high-income earners by increasing their tax much more.

South Africans are already facing extraordinary financial pressure in a shrinking economy.

Object to this absurd tax hike by signing this petition.

Petition for the municipal elections to go ahead safely as planned

We the undersigned residents of uMngeni Municipality are ready for change!

The October local government elections provide us with an opportunity to change the direction of our municipality and to put a capable, efficient, and caring government in place.

The attempts by the ANC and its partners, the EFF, to postpone the elections are being pursued because they know that the residents of uMngeni want change NOW!

South Africans queue safely for groceries, car licenses and pensions etc. There is no reason why we cannot join over one hundred countries and territories, including neighbouring Zambia, and host safe elections during the coronavirus pandemic too.

We the undersigned residents of uMngeni want the elections to take place as planned and to be given the opportunity to put a new government in place.

Msunduzi Mayor Mzimkhulu Thebolla must go!

A vote of no confidence is based on:

  • The non-compliance of the Mayor to fulfil his duties, obligations and responsibilities ;
  • Failure by the Mayor to manage the financial recovery plan and the section 139(1) b intervention;
  • The fact that the Msunduzi Municipality received another qualified audit whilst under administration;
  • The extension of the Section 139 (1) b for the second time;
  • The series of forensic reports and investigations into financial mismanagement and corruption in the Municipality;
  • The lack of confidence in the Municipality and general negative perception of the Municipality by the residents of Msunduzi;
  • The lack of services, revenue collection and assistance throughout the entire Municipality

With leadership comes responsibility, and the mayor has failed in all aspects to account for the situation Msunduzi finds itself. He must go so that we can save what is left out of Msunduzi.

Petition to stop Western Cape illegal land invasions

Theewaterskloof Municipal area is a focus of such invasions. In 2016 a piece of land of the National Department of Public Works was invaded. This resulted in the Siyayanzela informal area. This year another piece of land of the National Department of Public Works was invaded. It resulted in the establishment of Knoflokskraal.

Only after more than 1 000 structures were developed and occupied on the Knoflokskraal the National Department showed limited intent to prevent further invasions. Only landowners, who obtained court orders, can implement such orders. Municipalities has no legal rights to do so.

The outcome of land invasions are community instability, deteriorating municipal financial and service delivery sustainability, the jumping of the queue to obtain housing opportunities, the ruining of housing projects and the creation of ungovernable environments. 

In the past, several municipalities in the Western Cape succeeded to stop invasion on their land. They did it through exercising relevant court orders and with the assistance of the Red Ants and the SAPS.

On state land, the National Department of Public Works could have done the same with the support and expertise of municipalities.

The Democratic Alliance’s approach illegal land invasion is based on six pillars:

  • All land invasions must be opposed without fear or favour of respective groups and cultures; and all measures must be taken to ensure that the people’s right to housing opportunities are protected.
  • All measures must be forced down to compel other landowners to effectively protect their properties from land invasions.
  • All measures must be taken to ensure that the utilisation of state land adheres to lawful and orderly conduct.
  • All measures must be taken to protect the right of residents and the party will fight for the rights of people who have been on housing waiting lists for decades.
  • The party will not allow the municipalities where it governs to be bullied into the provision of services to areas where the National Government failed to secure their land against invasions.
  • The party will approach the courts to force National Government to activate its interdicts against land invasions.

Sign this petition to show your support.