Petition for streetlights

Kanana has little to no working streetlights, there are only a few spotlights that light the main and paved roads.


The lack of adequate street lighting promotes criminal activity and places residents at risk of assault, mugging, and robbery.  


Kanana is a gangsterism and contact crime hotspot.


Sign this petition to demand change.


For more information contact Councillor Emi Koekemoer on 074 858 4124

Akuphi amalaptop owasithembisa wona Mnumzane Nzimande?

Abafundi baseSayidi TVET, eKhampasini yaseMzimkhulu, KwaZulu-Natali, banxusa Umnyango Wezemfundo Ephakeme Nokuqeqeshelwa Amakhono ukuthi wenze lokhu okwakuthenjiswe Ungqongqoshe Blade Nzimande, kokuthi uzoxhasa ngamaLaptop bonke abafundi abasebenzisa UNSFAS. Lesi sithembiso wasenza ekuqaleni konyaka owedlule.

Sekuphele unyaka abafundi bebengakawatholi amaLaptop, lokhu kuncisha abafundi  abahlwempu ithuba lokuthola imfundo esezingeni elifanele. Siyanxusa ukuthi ungqongqoshe Blade Nzimande enze ayekuthembisile ngokushesha.

Where are the promised student laptops Mr Nzimande?

Landela lelink ukubona / ukusayina isicelo ngesiZulu

The students of Esayidi TVET College, Umzimkhulu Campus, KwaZulu-Natal, call on the Department of Higher Education and Technology (DHET) to urgently furnish NSFAS students with laptops as per Minister Blade Nzimande’s commitment earlier last year.

Almost an entire year has passed and no laptops have been received, undermining some of the most financially needy and deserving students’ access to quality education. We call on Minister Nzimande to act swiftly and decisively in providing our students with laptops.

Abafundi kwiKhampasi yaseSpringfield kumele bafundele endaweni ephephile futhi ehlanzekile!

Abafundi baseThekwini TVET, EKhampasini yaseSpringfield, KwaZulu-Natali, banesicelo sokuthi ivalwe leKhampasi kutholwe indawo entsha ephephile yokufundela. Sinxusa UNgqongqoshe Wezemfundo Ephakeme, UBlade Nzimande, ukuthi athintane nabaphathi bekolishi ukuze kukhulunywe ngaloludaba.

Umgwaqo osetshenziswa abafundi ukungena kuleKhampasi usuphenduke indawo lapho abantu abalahla khona udoti njengoba useduze nendawo yokulahlwa kwemfucuza. UMasipala kanye nabomthetho sebehlulekile ukulawula lokhu kanti nalendawo isibange izingxabano nokungezwani. Lokhu sekwenze kwaba indawo engaphephile kubafundi.

Relocate Springfield Campus students to a safe and secure location!

Landela lelink ukubona / ukusayina isicelo ngesiZulu

The students of Thekwini TVET College, Springfield Campus, KwaZulu-Natal, urgently request that their campus be relocated to a safe and secure new location. We call on the Department of Higher Education and Technology (DHET) Minister Blade Nzimande to engage with the management of Thekwini College to initiate the process of relocation.

The entry-road leading to the campus has become a hazardous dumping ground and extension of the neighbouring landfill site. The municipality and law enforcement have had little success in containing the dumping and violence has broken out in the area. It is no longer safe nor acceptable for students to access their campus given these circumstances.

Petition to demolish unsafe abandoned houses in Ward 15

The abandoned houses in Ward 15 that are illegally occupied and used for criminal activities – such as the sale of narcotics, alcohol and prostitution – threaten our safety. Sign this petition for Matlosana Local Municipality to demolish them.

This area in Ward 15 has become a den of criminality. It threatens the safety of the rest of the community, especially women and children.

Sign this petition pressuring Matlosana Local Municipality to demolish abandoned and unfinished houses that pose a safety risk to residents.

Sign this petition to make Ward 15 safer.

For more information, contact Councillor Piet Swart on 079 959 5295.

Petition to fix the water leaks in Ward 16

Water leaks, burst pipes and faulty water meters result in water losses of up to 40% in Ward 16! Sign this petition calling on the ANC-run City of Matlosana to start maintenance and upgrades on the water infrastructure, and end the waste.

For years the ANC-run City of Matlosana has failed to allocate resources towards water infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, which has led to the municipality’s total collapse.

When residents report a leak, the municipality does nothing.

Sign this petition to force the City of Matlosana to urgently start maintenance and upgrades on the water infrastructure to fix slow water leaks, faulty water meters and burst pipes.

Sign this petition to stop the waste.

For more information, contact Councillor Ansofie Combrinck on 076 1466 406.

Petition to open up the economy and save Western Cape jobs

Sign this petition calling on national government to open up the Western Cape’s economy by relaxing the lockdown:

  • The ban on beaches and other public spaces must be lifted in our province. Open spaces with good ventilation are safer and they do not provide a high risk. Furthermore, the festive season is over, and people are back at work.
  • The curfew be changed to at least 11pm – 4am. The current curfew makes it impossible for restaurants to provide a dinner service and this sector is buckling as a result.
  • A closing time of 10pm for establishments, that will allow for staff to get home before curfew begins.
  • Alcohol sales be permitted offsite from Monday to Thursday, and not permitted on the weekend.
  • Alcohol sales be permitted at wine farms on the weekend, as this is the time when most visitors come to wine farms. Such sales are critical for the survival of wine tourism in the Western Cape.
  • Onsite alcohol consumption be allowed. If restaurants cannot sell alcohol with dinner service, they will not remain profitable and will be forced to close. This will result in many job losses.

As the Western Cape passes the second COVID-19 wave and the provincial government announces that they are confident that there is enough capacity and resources to provide care to every person who needs it, we must turn our attention to saving the province’s job-creating small businesses.

Sign the petition to show your support.

Gauteng should procure extra Covid-19 vaccines

The sole reliance on national government to procure vaccines is unnecessary and unwise as health is a provincial competence. This is why the DA-led Western Cape is in the process of trying to get extra vaccines from different suppliers. 

Sign our petition calling on the ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government to also make every effort to get vaccines from around the world wherever they are available.

The benefits of vaccines for saving lives and livelihoods in Gauteng are immense, and the earlier the better.

Petition for Matlosana Local Municipality to urgently fix Ward 17’s roads!

The roads are in a state of disrepair, riddled with potholes and extremely dangerous to drive on.


At times, the roads are so bad that people struggle to drive to one of the three hospitals in Ward 17.


How are ambulances supposed to get patients in a critical state safely and swiftly to the emergency room when the roads are so bad?


Sign this petition.


If every resident of Ward 17 signs this petition calling on Matlosana Local Municipality to fix the dilapidated roads urgently, we can make the call for change so loud that they cannot avoid this issue any more. 


Matlosana Local Municipality must fix Ward 17’s roads now.


For more information contact Councillor Elmarie Postma on 083 374 4912.