R50 million for our farmers

Whilst we are relieved that the Eastern Cape government has finally declared a provincial disaster, sensible spending in this time of crisis will help a great deal.

It’s time for the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform to cut back on the millions it spends on things like advertising, catering, travel, and venue hire. If they do, we can save up to R50 million for our farmers!

These cuts include:

  • A 50% cut in advertising – R4,743 million savings
  • A 60% cut in catering – R6,414 million savings
  • A 11.4% cut in communication (G&S) – R2 million savings
  • A 19.8% cut in Consumable Supplies – R2 million savings
  • A 31.4% cut in Stationery and Office Supplies – R2 million savings
  • A 23.9% cut in Travel and Subsistence – R20 million savings
  • A 20% cut in Training and Development – R5,158 million savings (underspent by 28% in 2018/19)
  • A 10% cut in Fleet Services – R2,521 million in savings (underspent by 6% in 2018/19)
  • A 0.25% cut in Salaries and wages – R4,625 million in savings
  • A 15% cut in Venue and Facilities hire – R648,000 saving (underspent by 15.5% in 2018/19)

Please co-sign our appeal to the Eastern Cape government to cut unnecessary spending to the tune of R50 million and put it towards drought-relief funding instead.

Whilst R50 million is a drop in the ocean in this crisis, it is substantially better than the paltry R3.2 million that has been made available by the Department for drought relief to date.

Please co-sign our appeal for sensible spending in this time of crisis.

If we stand together, we can get our farmers R50 million more!

Petition to stop illegal rubbish burning at the Matlosana Waste Dumping Facility

The City of Matlosana is violating environmental laws by burning rubbish at the Matlosana Waste Dumping Site.

The waste by-law of the City clearly states: “no person may burn waste either in a public place or private place, for the purpose of disposing of that waste”.

Illegally burning rubbish harms the environment and poses a health risk to us residents – particularly those who suffer from respiratory tract-related illnesses.

Sign our petition to force the City of Matlosana to implement a sustainable way to handle waste that will not harm the environment and affect residents’ health.

Western Cape Safety Plan

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has announced the largest and most comprehensive provincial safety plan in South Africa’s history.

“I ask you, the public, to measure us and me on this plan.”

– Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde

The plan will cost the Western Cape government upwards of R1 billion, and will introduce:

👮🏾‍♂️ 3000 new law enforcement officers deployed where and when crime
📱 Deployment based on data-led technology;
📝 150 investigators to prepare dockets for prosecution;
📉 A world-class, evidence-led and integrated violence prevention
🚨 A safety priority for every Cabinet Minister with accountable, transparent

As part of the rollout of this plan, Premier Alan Winde wants to hear what more you think the government could be doing to keep communities safe.


If we know anything about the ANC, it is that they will stop at nothing to fill their pockets with taxpayers’ money, and the National Health Insurance (NHI) will allow them to do just that.

If the ANC pushes the NHI Bill through Parliament, despite thousands of objections, then we will take action against them in the Constitutional Court.

Please consider making a small donation to the cause, as we prepare for a possible decade-long Constitutional Court battle to stop the ANC from banning private medical aids, forcing you to use government healthcare, and collapsing the South African economy.

Every donation, no matter how small, adds up. Your contribution could save thousands of lives.


Join a DA webinar

Who has the time to go to a public town hall meeting? We’re taking town halls virtual!

This is your chance to engage the DA directly, every single week in the lead-up to the 2019 elections.

Be sure to include your correct email address and cellphone number, as well as your burning question to the DA.

Act now: Monitor the Ridgeview Quarry properly!

The residents of Hillary have suffered for many years due to dust pollution and property damage caused by blasting at Ridgeview Quarry.

Our residents deserve to live with dignity!

Since 2016, the DA has been calling on the ANC-run municipality to intervene and ensure proper monitoring of the quarry.

We call on the ANC-run municipality to:

  1. Ensure blast warnings are issued timeously to residents
  2. Address damage to property caused by blasts
  3. Address health concerns experienced by residents

Sign the petition to show your support!

Stop BLF from contesting Elections

We call on the IEC to bar BLF from contesting the 2019 national and provincial elections, following their consistent, vile, and racist attacks on white South Africans.

The IEC cannot in good conscience accept a party which marvels at the death of four young learners at Hoërskool Driehoek, and whose leader says this of white South  Africans:

“You kill one of us, we will kill five of you. We will kill their children, we will kill their women, we will kill anything that we find on our way,”

All the BLF will do is peddle hate along racial lines in parliament or in the country’s nine provincial legislatures.

Their racial hatred has gone unchecked for far too long!

We have written to the SA Human Rights Commission so that they can investigate this matter, and we will request that this matter be expedited so that we can use the SAHRC report as the basis of our case with IEC to have the BLF barred from running in this election campaign.
We will not sit idly by while racists claim their space in the public discourse.

We call upon the people of South Africa whose interest is in building One South Africa for All to sign if you support this petition.


For the past decade, the ANC has put band-aids onto bullet wounds at Eskom. Experts estimate that each stage of rolling blackouts, costs the country R1 billion per stage, per day!

When the lights go out, people stop working, business shuts down and our country slides even further backwards.

The DA has a plan to stabilise and secure South Africa’s power supply through our Cheaper Energy Bill, which seeks to break Eskom into two parts to make electricity cheaper and more reliable through the following measures:

🙅‍♂️Reject pressure from the ANC’s union allies opposing the introduction of Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Those who are harnessing the potential of renewable energy must be allowed to sell power to the grid immediately!

🏗️Freeze the build on the last two costly units at Kusile, and look to bring on more IPPs to provide power.

🛢️Allow Eskom to procure coal from any source, and review all diesel contracts, ensuring the cheapest diesel is sourced.

⛽Instruct PetroSA to supply Eskom with diesel at tax-free cost prices to avert a crisis in the short-term!

💡 Allow well-functioning metros to source energy directly from IPPs.

👩‍🏭 Reaffirm Eskom’s engineering and maintenance employees as an “essential service” that cannot enter into strike action.

📟 Install major smart meters for municipalities to force municipalities to collect revenue timeously.

Please sign this petition if you agree that it is time for the President to find the political will, and do what is best for South Africa.

Implement the DA’s plan. Save South Africa!

Petition against sex-for-jobs

As the months go by, unemployment continues to be terrible, and it is no secret that it affects women the most.

Increasingly, women are at greater risk of being sexually harassed in the workplace with more and more ‘sex-for-jobs’ or ‘carpet interviews’ demanded in exchange for securing limited job opportunities.

Sign our petition against the surging culture of ‘sex-for-jobs’ and sexual harassment!

Largescale scandals at Bheki Mlangeni District Hospital, in Soweto, and at Amahlathi Local Municipality, in the Eastern Cape, signal an urgent need for societal and government intervention.


Just before the 2019 general elections the ANC said e-tolls would be gone by May. And yet, as we head into September e-tolls are still here.

We are sick of empty promises!

The e-tolling system is an unfair burden on the residents of Gauteng who are already struggling to make ends meet. We need a listening government that sticks to its word and delivers.

Sign our petition to call on the government to scrap e-tolls and find an alternative way of funding and maintaining Gauteng’s roads.