Petition to clean up the waste by rail property

Knysna Waste By Rail is situated next to an ecological sensitive estuary, in the central business district. The facility is prone to breakdowns leading to a backlog of the waste being processed or removed from the site, causing health concerns. The area has become a haven for criminals and vagrants alike. It down grades all the surrounding properties, reducing their value, not to mention it being unsightly. 

It is time for Knysna Municipality to address all the issues that surround this facility. We hereby ask that the following interventions be taken by Knysna Municipality.

  1. All vagrants be removed from the property, and kept off/away.
  2. The unused rail trucks be removed
  3. The entire property fenced.
  4. Security measures put in place to control access to the property and safeguard it from criminal activities. 
  5. After Hours drop off facility to be put in place, that can’t be accessed by vagrants.
  6. Signage to inform the public not to give donations to the vagrants.
  7. Plans containing when, where and how to implement the moving of the facility out of the CBD to a more suitable property or facility.

The residents of Knysna and DA is calling on the Acting Municipal Manager to urgently take the necessary steps to implement our requests.

Sign this petition to show your support.