DA Abroad: Petition to consider retention of South African citizenship applications

The South African government’s ‘retention of citizenship’ service has been closed since March 2020, leaving South African citizens who wish to take on a second nationality no way to retain their South African citizenship in the process.

Section 6(2) of the Citizenship Act 88 of 1995 states that: “Any person referred to in subsection (1) may, prior to his or her loss of South African citizenship in terms of this section, apply to the Minister to retain his or her South African citizenship, and the Minister may, if he or she deems it fit, order such retention.” 

In the absence of a mechanism through Home Affairs offices to make such application we, citizens of the Republic of South Africa, hereby directly apply to the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, in terms of Section 6(2) of the Citizenship Act 88 of 1995 to grant such retention of citizenship.

We further call on the Minister to create an email mechanism whereby such applications can be made until such time as the retention of citizenship service is reopened at Home Affairs offices and consulates, embassies, missions abroad.