Food prices are out of control!

Dear Minister Godongwana,

We who have signed this letter, urge you to use your Medium Term Budget on 26 October to make fundamental food price interventions, and to use the budget tools you have to protect South Africans from out of control rising food prices.

The DA calls on you to act urgently to reduce the cost of living and the cost of food. Our plan of five urgent policy proposals would bring immediate relief to starving South Africans.

We demand that National Government:

  1. Cut fuel taxes and levies to decrease the cost of transporting food
  2. Reallocate the R50 million food aid for Cuba to feed hungry people at home
  3. Scrap VAT on the food items most commonly purchased by the poorest households by reviewing and expanding the zero-rated food baskets
  4. Review and reduce import tariffs on foods consumed by low-income households
  5. Provide private title to all land reform beneficiaries to increase food supply and security while reducing prices

The hunger crisis is urgent and yet the ANC government has to date done little to nothing about it. Either you don’t care, or you have no solutions.

South Africans deserve a government that cares about them.

The social cost of ignoring this crisis will far outweigh the cost of intervening to bring relief.

The DA will not let up until this hunger crisis is addressed. The DA does care, and we do have solutions.

The Democratic Alliance