Donate towards court action to protect your right to own property

Now that the window for South Africans to object to the new expropriation-without-compensation law has closed, we must prepare to take court action in case the national government forges ahead with implementing this dangerous new law without listening to all our objections.

We cannot hand a corrupt government this kind of unchecked power. 

This dangerous new law would give government the power to seize all kinds of property, whether it’s a business, home or investment – not just land.

The new expropriation-without-compensation law is extremely dangerous because:

  • It offers government near unlimited powers to simply expropriate personal property – even going so far as to suggest that copyrighted and patented property could be at risk.
  • It has a list of five circumstances where zero compensation could be paid but it allows government to extend this list endlessly.
  • It is weighted in favour of the ANC government, whose reputation for greed precedes them. It is of concern that the government can refuse to allow its land to be expropriated but a private individual cannot.
  • The role of the courts is extremely limited and access to the courts could only be granted after expropriation has already taken place. This provides no protection for private individuals against the state.
  • The definition of public interest is too broad and might also open up the floodgates of land expropriation on spurious grounds.
  • It will clearly and severely impact property rights and cannot be trusted in its present form to a corrupt government.

Please donate towards court action.