Petition to end power cuts

Electricity is a basic service that must be delivered to all equally.

The Ellaton, Klerksindustria, Mayfair Village, Strathmore farms and surrounding areas in the south of Klerksdorp experience frequent and unplanned power cuts, sometimes for over 72 hours due to the Municipality’s failure to maintain the electricity infrastructure.

The electricity infrastructure is overloaded due to illegal connections, lack of technical support and not enough electricians hired to respond to power cuts. 

With several old age homes and businesses in the area, electricity is needed for the operation of medical equipment, such as oxygen machines and nebulisers, while businesses suffer a losses from a reduction in productivity and trade which places their sustainability and jobs at risk.

Sign this petition to pressure the Matlosana Municipality to respond to these issues as residents and ratepayers’ lives are severely disrupted. 

For more information contact Councillor Shaun-Patrick Sesana on 071 210 8275.