SAPS must take control of the increasing drug abuse and dealers in Govan Mbeki communities

The use of illicit drugs impact negatively on the users, their families and communities.

Drugs damage the health of users and are linked to rises in non-communicable diseases including HIV and AIDS, cancer, heart disease and psychological disorders.

Users are also exposed to violent crime, either as perpetrators or victims and are also at risk of long-term unemployment due to school dropout and being in conflict with law and loss of employment.

The social costs for users are exacerbated due to being ostracised from families and their communities.

Hopeless school children and young adults in Govan Mbeki continue to turn to the ample availability of drugs in our communities. Entire families are destroyed, violent crimes committed and lives lost. Drugs are in most cases a death sentence.

Drugs are having our community under siege.

We, the undersigned residents call on the South African Police Services (SAPS) and government to clamp down only drug abuse, apprehend all known drug dealers and create an anti-drug unit in our community.