Get Our Ambulances Back!

Since the ANC government took over, Johannesburg-owned and operated ambulances have gone from a fleet of 101 ambulances to zero. This is also thanks to the ANC Gauteng Provincial Government’s Provincialisation of Ambulances Programme that was accepted by the ANC Johannesburg government, and has sadly affected the poor in the informal townships who are unable to afford private medical services.

In June 2019, the DA administration in Johannesburg delivered 42 brand new state-of-the-art ambulances to EMS, boosting its fleet by 72% to 101 ambulances. This meant that each fire station across the City received at least one new ambulance, with many new ambulances allocated to fire stations in townships.

Most Johannesburg residents are unable to afford private medical care or ambulance services, and their only hope in an emergency is for the City to dispatch an ambulance that should arrive within 15 minutes. Instead of working towards this life-or-death goal, the City has turned EMS into empty fire stations with no fire engines or ambulances.

It is critical that the ANC-led City of Johannesburg immediately applies for its own operating licence from the provincial government so that the lives of residents can be saved!

Sign our petition to force the City of Johannesburg to get our ambulances back!