You can help RSA today and tomorrow

Following ANC factional battles that broke out in violence and looting in large parts of South Africa after Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment, the DA remains committed to rebuilding South Africa.

  • Having been on the ground in KZN, the DA offered the national government a plan for addressing this crisis, which included trebling the number of soldiers and opening crucial trade routes.
  • The DA filed incitement charges against the Zuma siblings and Julius Malema, who spurred on the violence and looting over social media.
  • DA public representatives are currently involved in clean-up efforts to help people get back on their feet.
  • Thanks to excellent planning and co-ordination between neighbourhood watches, metro police, the SAPS etc., the DA-run Western Cape has avoided the looting and violence seen in other parts of SA.

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We cannot just address the symptoms of deep inequality and horrific unemployment levels.

Looting and violence such as this will happen again if South Africa does not get the deep, fundamental economic reforms that the national government has shown very little interest in implementing.

We need your support to address this crisis, and to ensure that it never happens again.

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