Help the DA take court action against the electricity hike and load shedding

The DA rejects the 18.65% electricity tariff increase and the endless roll-out of load shedding! The electricity crisis is the biggest crisis our country has faced in the history of our democracy. Your donation will go towards the DA’s urgent interdict from the High Court of South Africa to stop the unconstitutional electricity tariff hike dead in its tracks.

In light of the worsening electricity crisis, and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (NERSA) decision to grant Eskom unaffordable tariff increases of 18.65%, we have instructed our lawyers to apply to the High Court of South Africa for an interdict to stop the implementation of this tariff increase.

South Africans have already had to spend a third of 2022 in darkness and are burdened with indefinite Stage 6 load-shedding!

Please show your support by making a donation towards this court action.

With a high court interdiction, the ANC-led government will have a 30-day deadline to file a comprehensive energy crisis action plan and lay out solutions!

Enough is enough! South Africa will no longer be kept in the dark!

Please donate.