Intervention is urgently needed at Govan Mbeki licensing office

Licensing offices in the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality is plagued by an array of problems that hamper residents from being able to receive services.

A total lack of resources and staff, adequate infrastructure and allegations of corruption and mismanagement have left licensing offices in Govan Mbeki Local Municipality in a dilapidated state. Residents are often frustrated to wait in queues at the licensing offices for hours on end without the luxury of chairs in waiting-areas, only to be turned away because systems are offline.  Papers are hardly enough and security officials run the organisation and management of license offices. This disgraceful lack of service delivery has left residents with no choice, but to disobey the law by neglecting to renew vehicle’s and driver’s licenses.

Enough is enough!!! Residents are tired of being made criminals by the incapable provincial government.

With this petition, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will engage with the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison to urgently investigate and intervene in the matter of the functionality of the licensing offices in ALL towns of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality.