Petition for Transnet to deal with its derelict historical buildings in NMB

It has become clear that Transnet has no intention to help grow the tourism industry in Nelson Mandela Bay. The current state of much of the company’s land, bordering the area from the harbour to Kings Beach, is testament to this.

The Edwardian houses on the Corner of Walmer Boulevard and Humewood Road, for example, have been left in a state of disrepair to the point that demolishing the buildings is the only option left.

The buildings, which are over 110 years old, have become nothing more than a hiding place for criminals and a place to conduct drug deals. They have been left vacant and unattended to for more than a decade, and have become a fire and safety hazard for the surrounding businesses and the residents of Ward 2 at large.

Transnet refuses to engage with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, the media or the public on this issue. To date, they have not issued a statement regarding their plans for the properties.

Sign this petition so that we can pressure Transnet into uplifting our community!

It’s time that Transnet takes us into its confidence and tells us what its immediate plan for the Edwardian houses is.

Recently, the Problem Buildings By-law for Nelson Mandela Bay was promulgated into law which means more stringent action can be taken against property owners who refuse to maintain their properties.

By signing this petition you are requesting that Transnet acts immediately in either demolishing the Edwardian houses or, if at all possible, restoring them to their former glory.

The status quo cannot be accepted any longer and Transnet’s deafening silence on this issue is completely unacceptable!