The Northern Cape is facing the worst drought in the region for nearly a century, and the R30 million government has availed, is less than 5% of the minimum R612 million needed to alleviate the effects of this horrific five-year drought.

You can help us put even more pressure on the ANC government.

The money is available. The ANC government spends R613 million on VIP protection for Cabinet members every single year.

It’s time for them to get their priorities straight. People’s lives are at stake!

We’ve created a fund that allows you to join hands with us in the campaign to forcegovernment to free up more money for drought-relief.

Every donation is an investment that results in added pressure, and we’ve already seen results!

The future of the Northern Cape is in our hands. Let’s not let this slip through our fingers, like the sand slips through the hands of so many farmers in the Northern Cape.