Protect your property rights and keep SA’s economy afloat!

NOTE: This portal allows you to draft your own comment or objection to the constitutional amendment to allow for expropriation without compensation. It is NOT a petition. Parliament cannot refuse any genuine submissions made by members of the public. Section 59 of the Constitution obliges it to facilitate public involvement in the legislative and other processes of the National Assembly and its committees.

Land reform is essential in South Africa, but it does not have to entail changing our democratic Constitution, and harming your right to own property, to be achieved.

This was proved in August when two landmark Constitutional Court judgements placed the blame for failed land reform on the national government, and not the Constitution.

But, instead of dealing with 25 years of governmental failure and corruption, the ANC-government is now trying to change the Constitution by amending Section 25 through the Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill, gazetted on 13 December 2019.

If passed, this bill means the government will be free to take your home, business, land… in fact anything that you ‘own’, without compensation! 

If passed, it will destroy our economy and kill investor confidence!

The DA believes that the only way to truly redress the wrongs of the past is to make more South Africans property owners, and to fiercely protect this right instead of taking it away.

The deadline for submissions has passed, but you can still share your objections with us to take forward as we take this battle to the highest court in the land.

We can avoid catastrophe, and provide legal and thorough land reform

Land reform can already take place without a constitutional amendment to Section 25 because the state already has the power to expropriate land provided it gives just and equitable compensation.

If the government amends Section 25 of the Constitution to implement expropriation without conditions (removing the need for just and equitable compensation), then such a motion would offend Section 1 of the Constitution, collapsing the core underlying values of our Constitution, and putting your right to own a home, land or business at risk.

There’s still time to stop this

We call on every single South African to take a stand against this disastrous ANC-sponsored bill because it is possible to have effective, constitutional land reform where your property rights are protected!

Please urgently submit your objection, and we will make sure that it is taken to Parliament and heard!

Object now!

The DA has been championing this issue for you in Parliament all year