Residents of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality have had enough of the ongoing interruptions to the local water supply

Dilapidating infrastructure of the municipality and together with power interruptions at the Rand Water Bloemendal pump station leaves our taps empty for days on end without the municipality being able to provide any alternative for access to water. 

Water is a basic Human Right and it is the constitutional mandate of all municipalities to provide a sustainable access to water.

We, the undersigned, therefore demand:

  • A weekly supply of water to farming communities.
  • A failsafe or alternative supply for when problems affecting Bloemendal pump station affects the water supply to Govan Mbeki.
  • Repairs and maintenance of reservoirs including the Secunda Reservoir which is a white elephant and a continuous waste of municipal assets.
  • A response in writing to the submitter of this petition including actionable steps that will be taken to realize the above.