Donate towards reliable electricity

We have been working relentlessly to get government to diversify electricity generation so that businesses can have reliable power and keep their doors open. Can you help us keep up the pressure?

  • We are pressuring government into reopening the Renewable Energy Programme aimed at diversifying energy generation.
  • We remain committed to fighting for all public sector workers across SA who want their pensions protected from government’s ‘bailout by stealth’, which seeks to use public sector workers’ pension savings to pay for ANC failures such as Eskom.
  • And we continue to make solutions readily available to government – suggesting ways to make it easier for businesses that wish to generate power for their own use and incentivising the installation of solar by offering up to R75 000 back from tax, for example.

Please help us solve the Eskom crisis by making a donation towards these efforts.

Find the comprehensive timeline of DA activism on Eskom by clicking here.