EThekwini Municipality neglecting Durban’s tourist attractions

EThekwini’s Golden Mile, Umhlanga Promenade and Wilson’s Wharf form part of Durban’s famous tourism offering. These beautiful attractions have been left to deteriorate as a result of regular sewage spills, environmental pollution and poor infrastructure maintenance.

We call on eThekwini Municipality and Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu to urgently attend to the following issues to save Durban’s tourism economy:

  1. Regular Maintenance of sewage infrastructure: manholes, receiving drains, pump stations, stormwater overflows and screening chambers
  2. Regular refuse collection by Durban Solid Waste (DSW) at Wilson’s Wharf, the Golden Mile and Umhlanga Promenade to avoid overflow of refuse into water-courses
  3. Increased civic education on the disposal of fat and refuse into stormwater drains 
  4. Street light maintenance at Wilson’s Wharf to reduce illegal dumping and to promote the safety of the area
  5. Illegal Dumping enforcement: erection of no dumping signs and monitoring
  6. For eThekwini Municipality to foster working relationships with all relevant stakeholders for effective harbour management
  7. Maintenance and fitment of metal mesh on all ducts leading into the harbour that are used to trap refuse 
  8. Filtration nets to be fitted on all outlet pipes

Save our economy!