Scrap the new NPOs funding model now!

The Gauteng Department of Social Development (DSD) has initiated a new Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) funding model which will result in more suffering for older persons and children who are the most vulnerable in the province.

The new funding model for NPOs is based on an institutional realignment strategy with a focus on “building state capacity” and reducing the reliance on NPOs. The department claims that the NPOs have been misusing the funds given to them by the department.

Therefore, the DA and the Gauteng Welfare Organisations are demanding that the department must reconsider its decision based on the following:

  • Thousands of needy people who are solely dependent on NPOs for social services and survival will suffer.
  • This new NPOs funding model will also result in job losses, with many NPOs being forced to shut down because they are solely dependent on the department for funding.
  • The NPOs will lose donor funding as the department will be taking over the roles and work of the NPOs.
  • This department has constantly failed to spend its entire budget and achieve all its targets and will not be able to execute the mandate of the NPOs.