Petition to stop Western Cape illegal land invasions

Theewaterskloof Municipal area is a focus of such invasions. In 2016 a piece of land of the National Department of Public Works was invaded. This resulted in the Siyayanzela informal area. This year another piece of land of the National Department of Public Works was invaded. It resulted in the establishment of Knoflokskraal.

Only after more than 1 000 structures were developed and occupied on the Knoflokskraal the National Department showed limited intent to prevent further invasions. Only landowners, who obtained court orders, can implement such orders. Municipalities has no legal rights to do so.

The outcome of land invasions are community instability, deteriorating municipal financial and service delivery sustainability, the jumping of the queue to obtain housing opportunities, the ruining of housing projects and the creation of ungovernable environments. 

In the past, several municipalities in the Western Cape succeeded to stop invasion on their land. They did it through exercising relevant court orders and with the assistance of the Red Ants and the SAPS.

On state land, the National Department of Public Works could have done the same with the support and expertise of municipalities.

The Democratic Alliance’s approach illegal land invasion is based on six pillars:

  • All land invasions must be opposed without fear or favour of respective groups and cultures; and all measures must be taken to ensure that the people’s right to housing opportunities are protected.
  • All measures must be forced down to compel other landowners to effectively protect their properties from land invasions.
  • All measures must be taken to ensure that the utilisation of state land adheres to lawful and orderly conduct.
  • All measures must be taken to protect the right of residents and the party will fight for the rights of people who have been on housing waiting lists for decades.
  • The party will not allow the municipalities where it governs to be bullied into the provision of services to areas where the National Government failed to secure their land against invasions.
  • The party will approach the courts to force National Government to activate its interdicts against land invasions.

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