Petition to stop illegal mining by Zama-Zamas in Mogale City

Mogale City was established as a mining town and is now suffering devastation caused by illicit activities, such as illegal mining, by Zama-Zama’s in the entire area.

This is a massive problem as the damage to infrastructure causes sinkholes to collapse roads, such as Windsor Road, and places the lives of residents at risk.

This brazen attack on people’s lives, water infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, as well as roads is an outright declaration of war on the people of Mogale City, in particular, but the West-Rand in general!

The national and provincial government must urgently intervene:

  • All three spheres of government must establish a committee to coordinate action plans to address this matter as an urgent need.
  • State owned enterprises, such as Rand-water, must protect their infrastructure.
  • A commission of inquiry is needed to establish where the profits are being made along this illegal mining value chain.

A disaster zone declaration is imminent.

Sign the petition for urgent intervention.