Petition to stop sewerage from flowing into the dam

Madibeng Local Municipality has neglected the maintenance and upgrades of sewerage infrastructure in Hartbeespoort which results in raw sewage flowing down streets, into residents’ homes and into the Hartbeespoort Dam.

The sewerage overflow poses a risk to the health and well-being of residents while it also causes environmental degradation and further pollutes the Hartbeespoort Dam. This aggravates the Hyacinth infestation and hampers rehabilitation of the dam. 

Apart from the serious health and environmental concerns, the constant pollution caused by raw sewerage has a negative impact on the local economy, which is largely dependent on tourism.

The Madibeng Infrastructure Department has failed to offer a permanent solution to this problem. The sewerage spill is caused by a lack of maintenance and upgrades to the sewerage pipelines and pump stations.

Sign our petition to pressure the Madibeng Local Municipality to urgently repair the sewerage infrastructure and rehabilitate affected areas, and to compel the National Department of Water and Sanitation to coordinate and assist with this urgent matter.    

For more information contact Councillor Erna Rossouw on 072 293 4448 or Councillor Maritza du Plessis on 082 683 7891.