Stop the Race Quotas Act

We cannot allow the ANC government to use race to classify people!

South Africans have until Sunday, 11 June to comment on the Race Quotas Act’s draft regulations (otherwise known as the Employment Equity Amendment Act.)

Urgently use this platform to comment before Sunday, 11 June.

The draft regulations set out racial employment targets across 18 economic sectors throughout the country. The effect will be to prohibit minorities from employment in some sectors and provinces. 

Make your voice heard and help us stop the Race Quotas Act in its tracks.

Some negative consequences of the regulations will be:

  • The further enrichment of politically connected individuals.
  • Cadre deployment corruption being driven into the private sector.
  • Highly qualified individuals leaving the country to find employment elsewhere.
  • Significantly more red tape putting investors off working with the state.
  • Small businesses, struggling to comply, laying off staff.
  • Workers of certain races being discouraged from moving to some provinces.
  • Inadvertent entrenchment of racial divisions.

Please comment now.

3 Replies to “Stop the Race Quotas Act”

  1. I fully agree with the DA. This is about securing Jobs for all people to ensure human dignity. Indian and coloured people have been suffering for decades from unemployment. This is completely unconstitutional and the ANC cannot get away with this.

  2. We have the right to life and liberty, freedom of option and expression, the right to work and education.

  3. Voting strategy, that’s all. They better not win the next election. For the last 30 yrs every entity they touched they have governed into the ground, they have gone to far. SA open your eyes, our kids will have no future in SA, should the ANC continue to run the country further into the ground. Take a Stand, for all the right reasons.

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