Transparency in water quality in Ethekwini

Residents in Ethekwini have been given fair reason to doubt the cleanliness of water provided by the Municipality since the April floods, with some evidence indicating that the quality of drinking water in some areas may have led to someone’s death. Some communities still go for days without access to any water, with delayed, inaccurate, or non-existent tanker distribution schedules. Tourism is taking a knock with constant closure of major beaches due to high E-Coli counts.

Residents have a right to know when they will be getting water, and what the quality of that water is! The DA is calling on the municipality to publish on an easily accessible page on their website, daily, the results of all water testing done, as well as the distribution schedules for all tankers in the Metropolitan. We want transparency!

Sign our petition, and insist on getting access to regular and accurate information that is essential to life.